Vancouver Seed Bank Review 2020

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After the legalization of marijuana in Canada, more and more people desire to grow their own cannabis plants to avoid constant visits to the stores. As more people come in open to buy cannabis seeds, numerous seed banks also pop out in the business. It is difficult for the buyer, newcomer, or expert, to distinguish the reliable seed bank. Here, in this Vancouver Seed Bank Review 2020, we have tried to review this seed bank to make your purchase easy.

This Vancouver seed bank review 2020 includes some essential features such as seed selection, seed quality, shipping, payment options, and customer care.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review

Official Website:

The Vancouver seed bank was founded in 2006. After that, it has been providing immensely to the growth and improvements in the cannabis culture.

After fourteen years of expertise, the seed bank has learned the art of being the most faithful and reliable Canadian seed bank in the market.

The tagline of the company, “Overgrowing Since 2006”, kind of resembles its motto that they continuously strive to grow and satisfy their customers.

Experts at the Vancouver Seed Bank are dedicated to gathering the best cannabis seeds and preserving useful seed types from around the globe, and making those seeds accessible to anyone who wants them.

They believe that seeds and seedlings are part of the shared heritage of all the people and that each human has the freedom to grow any plant they want.

They are against the patenting of living beings, the genetic modification of plants, and particularly the production of so-called “terminator” seeds. What they believe in is that breeding and proper selection are the keys to producing new weed strains.

They follow an ideal theory of getting only the most qualified seeds from selected breeders, and they have a lot of such growers in their catalogs like Royal Queen Seeds, West Coast Seeds, and Jordan of the islands. 

In our Vancouver seed bank review, 2020, we found out that you can rest assured that their marijuana seeds for sale are of high-quality. 

At present, the seed bank sells seeds at its online platform via the website. In the near future, it can develop its fields by trading cannabis seeds on offline platforms like local outlets in various regions of Canada and worldwide.

Seed Selection

They have a total collection of more than 200 different types of cannabis strains on their online store. Some of the most successful marijuana seeds they sell are Gorilla Glue, Northern lights, Strawberry cheese, Amnesia, Skunk #1, Chemdawg, and Great white shark.

The Vancouver seed bank is proud to offer a limitless growing collection of seeds from edible, medicinal, psychoactive, and other beneficial plants from around the globe, including a broad range of marijuana seed strains.

Moreover, along with their own goods, they only trade from trusted names such as Next Generation Seed and Digital Genetics.

All the seeds sold by Vancouver seed bank are home-grown in Canada and available in all varieties, including high CBD, auto-flowering, regular, feminized, and medical. There is something for everyone at affordable charges.

Vancouver seed bank offers seeds for dozens of various entheogens and healing herbs, including tobaccos, cannabis, peyote, opium poppies, and other magical plants, low-THC hemp. 

Also, edible herbs and vegetables, including dozens of unique species of heirloom tomatoes, beans, lettuces, and other custom garden plants are available.

Seed Quality

Situated in midtown Vancouver, this seed bank offers a wide assortment of seeds to satisfy all tastes. You can be assured of doing your shopping with these guys since they only sell seeds from the best breeders and brands.

When it comes to quality, Vancouver seed bank does not compromise. At this seed bank, all the products are grown from pure genes. They believe in originality, so they only sell classic cannabis strains from trustworthy growers. 

Without a spot of uncertainty, we can reassure you that the Vancouver seed bank has the most excellent seed quality. The seed bank has a skillful team of growers and experts, who manually handpick every seed.

Also, each seed has to undergo severe tests and control procedures to ensure that each seed holds excellent seed quality.

Hence, Vancouver seed bank promises high-quality seeds that will surely enhance your garden.

Germination Rate

Germination is a natural process and requires little from us more than just creating the atmosphere for this to happen.

At the Vancouver seed bank, they guarantee at least an 80% germination rate as long as one of the techniques mentioned on their site is used.

Keeping customer’s ease in mind, Vancouver seed bank has provided both the techniques on their website. Let’s see what they are!

Cannabis Germination Method 1:

The marijuana seeds need to be moist, warm, and in the dull, with air exchanged frequently.

This can be done simply by keeping the seeds in a clean glass of purified water and setting the glass someplace warm and dark such as above the cupboard or your fridge.

This method can take as long as 24 hours and a maximum of two weeks. The seed will break, and a tiny root tip will appear. You need to replace the water every couple of days.

Cannabis Germination Method 2:

Another method is quite traditional. According to this process, you need to put a couple of layers of moist, not much-wet paper towel on a plate, being cautious not to let the paper towel touch over the edge of the plate.

Put the seeds on top of the moistened paper towel and set more layers of moist paper towel on top of the seeds. Close this with another inverted plate and put somewhere warm.

When you raise the plate to check the seeds, let the essence that has collected on the lid run back onto the paper towel, be sure to observe them daily to ensure they are still moistened.

When the shell has split, or the root tip has just appeared, it’s time to set them in whatever means you plan to grow them in.

Plant the seed with the pointy edge of the seed up. The root tip will develop down into the medium and start pushing the seedling up through the surface.

The seedling will require light and air as soon as it comes out the surface.

The highest risk at the seedling step is overwatering. The tiny stems cannot manage water around them at all times, or they decay and keel over.

Keep the surface of the medium dry before watering to withdraw this problem.

Ensure that you check your seeds every day and make sure there is sufficient water – if the seeds dry out through this process, they will die.


Vancouver seed bank has a way for thousands of strains! If you can’t find the variety you desire on their website, just let them know, and they would be able to make a special order for you.

They can also mail them to you or arrange for pick up at their retail store location.

If you reside out of town, it’s best to give them two weeks’ intimation to have the strain available for you when you visit.

If you are not 100% happy with your buying, you can get a complete refund or exchange it for a different one, be it similar or not.

In addition to this, a top-rated online review platform Trust Pilot has given 4 stars out of 5! This gem highlights our Vancouver seed bank review 2020!

Price Range and Discount

When you think about high-quality products, instantly, the question regarding cost coms in your mind, but with Vancouver seed bank, that will not be an issue.

Vancouver seed bank sells high-quality products at affordable prices.

Talking about discounts, you usually do not see any discount offers on their website. 


Being a large company, those who want to order marijuana seeds from Vancouver seed bank must not worry because the company can ship cannabis seeds worldwide.

Though, you should keep one thing in mind that Cannabis Legalization is still a matter of attention in many regions of the world.

So, to bypass any problems related to this matter, the Vancouver seed bank transports marijuana seeds in a stealth packaging.

In discreet packaging, the seeds are inserted in a crush-proof container and then sealed in a padded case. After that, they may be stored in some casual objects like pens, T-shirts, and CDs.

Hence, you can rest assured that your cannabis seeds are safe with stealth packaging with Vancouver seed bank. They use a discreet shipment system, but the client would be responsible for their country’s obligations.

For international cannabis shipment, the transportation may take 14 days while in Canada, it can be as quick as only three days. 

With Vancouver seed bank, shipping is 100% guaranteed, and if your order does not appear, they will try over; if that one also doesn’t reach, they will refund your entire order, but such cases happen rarely.

Those who want to buy cannabis seeds from Vancouver seed bank may refer to their shipping specifications and fees that may be taxed. 

Payment Options

Vancouver seed bank accepts payment by money order, email transfer, or Bitcoin. For full payment guidance, you need to finish checking out on their website.

Customer Service

The Vancouver seed bank values its customers. Client satisfaction is their primary aim. That’s why they are willing to solve your issues regarding shipment or germination. You may reach out to them five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm.

As we said before, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, they make a special one for you, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund or exchange of seeds of a different strain.

What more do you want!

What We Liked

  • Wide range of seeds
  • Excellent customer service
  • High germination guarantee
  • Worldwide shipping

What We Didn’t Like

  • No information about a refund if seeds do not germinate
  • No frequent discounts

Final Verdict

Vancouver seed bank is everything that a cannabis breeder strives for. It is an outstanding combination of top-quality seeds, multiple strains, payment modes, an excellent germination guarantee, and other extra features.

After digging deep through various aspects of this seed bank, we have come to the ultimate conclusion for this Vancouver seed bank review 2020.

Vancouver seed bank is truly a blessing for every grower!

It is a full-fledged unit of top-quality seeds, a good reputation, excellent customer service, a satisfactory shipping guarantee, ample payment methods, and a significant number of strains.

Hence, Vancouver seed bank gets ten on ten from our expert team, and we highly recommend it to buy your next cannabis seeds. To know about other Canadian marijuana seed bank reviews, Click Here!