True North Seed Bank Review 2020

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With marijuana slowly becoming legalized in more countries, new seed banks are rising here and there, making it difficult to decide which one to trust. Don’t worry! Read our True North Seed Bank Review 2020, which might help you out.

Whenever the question of buying cannabis seeds online arises, it can be hard to determine on truly legitimate companies and companies who just want to make quick money.

True North Seed Bank is undoubtedly not one of them. In this True North Seed Bank Review 2020, we’ll be going to look over a few aspects of the shipment, seed selection, seed quality, discounts, and customer service.

Let’s get started!

True North Seed Bank Review

Official Website:

True North Seed Bank is situated in Toronto, Canada. While being a Canadian seed bank, True North has a supplementary European distribution center, established in the United Kingdom.

As far as company history is concerned, they don’t give much information about when and how the company came into action.

True North Seed Bank is mainly a reseller, which means it doesn’t breed its own seeds but only resell other brands.

Usually, ordering directly from a breeder is cheaper and convenient. A distributor like True North is a great option if there is a particular strain that you are looking for, but it isn’t available online, or the grower doesn’t ship to your country.

It might end up costing you a little bit more, but at least you will be able to keep your hands on the particular strain that you wanted.

True North seed bank is a profoundly respected international firm with a professional attitude and passion for bringing the best possible seeds to their clients!

They do everything they can to guarantee that the highest-quality strains they provide are shipped wherever their buyers are, offer a good value, and make sure that their clients are happy.

According to their “About” page, their primary focus is on the client and ensuring they have all their requirements met.

Seed Selection

Initially, True North Seed Bank used to trade with only medical marijuana products, but they kept on adding new strains and products. Currently, they offer a wide range of products.

The True North Seed Bank website functionality is excellent. It has clearly specified and organized segments, where you can scan strains by cultivation, sex, variety, type, or color.

True North Seed Bank offers primary strains such as Feminized, Auto-Flowering, CBD, and regular. There are also seeds intended for distinct growing requirements, such as outdoors, indoors, and greenhouses.

The True North product catalog has a large variety of nationally and globally bred strains. You’ll find seeds from famous growers, such as BC Bud Depot, CBD Crew, Royal Queen Seeds, and D J Short.

They also regularly reemphasize their commitment to offering both a wide variety of seeds and high-quality products.

Seed Quality

True North simply resells seeds of other brands and doesn’t breed their own seeds. So the quality of the seeds will be more dependent on which producer you pick.

True North Seed Bank has a long list of well-known growers around the globe. This means seed quality at TNSB is typically very high, assuming you research the producer yourselves.

True North Seed Bank does not store seeds for more than six months on the stock. They throw them off regardless of whether the clients like them or not. This guarantees that they stock only the best quality with a higher germination percentage.

They present the greatest variety of hybrid seeds with the best flavor. They also describe the features of their seeds on the packages to make sure that you know exactly what you are using.

According to True North’s legal disclaimer, they do not “accept any product-liability,” nor do they “give any guarantees.”

True North Seed Bank has been recognized only to request specific items from their providers as they are bought from the True North store, which ensures that the product is the freshest ones, but it can also indicate that customers might have to wait as long as three weeks or more.

If you want your seeds quickly, make sure you contact True North to check if what you want is currently in stock or whether it will need to be special-ordered.

To cut it short, we can say that the quality of your order will depend on the primary condition of the original product, but assume it to be a step down since you’re buying from a reseller.

Germination Rate

According to True North’s legal disclaimer on their website, they do not guarantee any sort of seed germination, nor do they admit any product-liability or give any assurance.


They have a buyer-friendly refund and exchange policy, according to their description on their website. Returns and exchanges are, of course, time-bounded, and you have to reach out to True North to make required adjustments.

If we talk about website functionality, all the products are organized in easy-to-follow steps, and its search function is one of the finest we’ve seen on any online seed bank shop so far.

It allows you to explore for top-rated strains, best selling strains, or strains from individual breeders. It also lets you narrow down your search by growing location, flowering time, plant height, effect, flavor, yield, THC content, and many other parameters.

These mechanisms make it easy to spot exactly what you are looking for, or discover something that fits your requirements perfectly that you may have never even heard of!

Price Range and Discount

When you subscribe to their newsletter, True North will send you an email with a 20% coupon code. Following the pop-up that emerges when visiting the website is the simplest way to jump on board.

Along with this initial discount offer, they frequently have sales and specials. Depending on the season, these are store-wide or for a selected number of strains, for example, a particular brand.

The two most essential times to grasp great discounts are through the Black Friday Sale or the so-called “420 Sale” in April.

There are other deals on a regular basis during the year, though, so keep an eye on your inbox for casual deals.

True North also has clearance items and freebies with every order, which is pretty impressive.

The website also has a special section dedicated to all the promotions that are currently going on, where buyers can access to win free seeds, use discount codes to their orders, or even enroll contests and sweepstakes run by other growers.

These promotions really encourage customers to get the most value out of their buying and also sets a little extra element of excitement to order the seeds.

They also have discounts for using particular payment methods. If you pay with Bitcoin, cash, money order, e-transfer, or bank/money transfer, you will not only be able to save the 7.5% credit card processing fee, but you’ll also save an extra 10% on top of that. Isn’t it amazing?

There’s also an opportunity to get your order absolutely free of cost if your name is pulled out in their monthly draw.

The winner of that draw has their order amount transferred to them in the form of a coupon code that can be retrieved at the True North Seed Bank website.

They also run a loyalty program that enables customers to collect loyalty points and get discounts on consequent orders. It can save a significant amount of cash for buyers who shop from there often.


Worldwide shipping is free when your tab hits CA$525, which turns to approx. US$420.

True North gives “guaranteed delivery insurance” for the customers who order from the USA or Canada. This means TNSB will resend your order if it goes missing, as well as what they call “extra safe” shipping options, but both at an extra cost.

One thing we liked about True North is that as soon as your order ships, you will get a tracking number and track your order with a unique tracking ID.

In most of the cases, seeds are sent in their original product packaging, unless otherwise demanded. True North also put some free seeds with each order placed.

The seed bank may remove seeds from their original packaging to help ensure safe delivery, depending on where the order is being shipped to. 

True North’s shipping charges are a little high compared to other seed banks, and their minimum amount for free shipping is also quite high.

Payment options

The True North Seed Bank receives the following payment methods:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Mailing Cash (at your own risk)
  • E-Transfer (for Canada only)
  • Bank transfer (with a fee of CAD 17.50)
  • Foreign money order (USD and CAD only)
  • Credit and Debit cards can be used in order to buy online or via phone, only by USA customers. Your card should be activated for international usage. There is a 7.5% card processing fee.

One significant thing to consider here is all debit and credit card payments are subject to a 7.5% card processing charge.

You can order online, through the mail via a printed order form, over the phone and international money order.

All orders will be priced in CAD, and prices are arranged in USD, EUR, GBP are all approximate and vary daily depending on the prevailing exchange rate.

Customer Service

The Customer Care staff works from Mon to Fri: 10 am – 7 pm EST. They don’t work on weekends and public holidays. Some customers report very prompt response times and quick processing of any situation, while others say the exact opposite—some even mentioning a total lack of response.

According to client reviews on public platforms, TNSB’s customer service is reasonably professional, reachable, and nearly adequate.

Since the majority of reviews about customer service with True North are fairly positive, we can say that the customer service is helpful, but it needs improvements.

What We Liked

  • A wide range of strains to pick from
  • Offers strains from some of the greatest names in the cannabis seed market
  • Fast delivery times if you’re buying from Canada or US
  • Frequent discount offers

What We Didn’t Like

  • Conflicting reviews of authenticity
  • No assurance of germination or quality of the product
  • Unless you pay more for “guaranteed delivery insurance,” they consider no liability for your order

Final Verdict

If you came here questioning whether True North Seed Bank is genuine, the answer is yes – they are.

They may not be the most secure option out there, at least according to a number of negative reviews online, but they’re a reliable seed bank, selling cannabis seeds.

In a nutshell, we can say that True North Bank might not come in your preference, but it is actually a trustworthy seed bank.

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