Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review 2020

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Seed Banks are mainly online companies that deal with the selling of marijuana seeds. Many times newcomers into the world of breeding marijuana have a difficult time when it comes to choosing which seed bank to go for. Here, in this Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review, we will evaluate it on multiple parameters and try to arrive at a final conclusion for this seed bank.

Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank(QCS) is one of the most trusted and popular choices of almost all marijuana growers. That is why QCS is one of the top 10 seed banks on the internet. Let’s get to know Quebec Cannabis Seeds!

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank Review

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds was established in 2012 and is owned and managed in Montreal, Canada. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been around for quite a while in the market; that is why it is one of the most well-known names when it comes to the world of seed banks in Canada.

It is one of the most successful and reputable names in the Canadian as well as a global seed bank business.

QCS has a dedicated group of growers who try to produce and offer the customers high quality and the fairest price possible.

The Quebec Cannabis Seeds has got the ‘Best Canadian Seed bank Award of 2019’. This feature adds much weightage to its accomplishments, honesty, and growth.

Seed Selection

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has 50 of the world’s finest strains of cannabis seeds. The seed range differs from time to time, but their main strains are feminized, auto, CBD, and other regular strains.

In picking the strains, they select only the most lively plants with consistent THC and CBD levels that are easy to use for both commercial and individual use.

In QCS, they try to give their customers as much information as possible to assist them in deciding which strain will suit them best. All of the seeds from QCS have been delicately selected with over 20 people before finalizing the ultimate selection and keeping the new bees out in public.

They keep all of their genetics alive so that they can offer their customers with the same quality each time they order a pack of seeds from them.

The most interesting part of Quebec Seed Bank is that they work with the trend!

It means they constantly update and revise their stock according to the newest seeds and their customer demand.

Apart from that, they have prepared their best sellers on their website so that you can preferably choose your requirements to their best grower. This seems one of the best qualities in them while picking the strains.

We recognized throughout our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review that the company provides not only seeds that are locally bred strain from Quebec, but they also offer breeders with many international types of marijuana, which they are apparently shipping from breeders. These are high-quality choices for buyers who want a genuine flavor as well as a great high.

Seed Quality

The company holds marijuana strains, which are great for recreational smokers and those who require them for medicinal purposes.

There are seeds that grow outdoors as well as indoors – making QCS one of the best spots to deliver you a reasonable cost and quality combination.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has only high-quality seeds in their stock. The main reason the QSC team is persistently in demand is its in-house unit of seed growers.

These people really know their job, and the QSC cannabis geneticists create some original, high-quality, successful cultivars that express an in-depth understanding of the plant’s genetic features.

The QSC team is well-versed in taking care of cannabis seeds and preserving them against common diseases and pests.

They also join in an intense level of research and improvement, which is why they continuously breed top quality cannabis seeds that grow well. From high-yield variations to unique phenotypes, QSC’s team knows everything about them.

They have Regular, Auto Flowering, Feminized, and CBD marijuana seeds when we talk about their initial strain on which they are focused more. However, they have even more than that in their most recent stock.

Although Quebec cannabis seeds believe in keeping the strains most native, the hybrids are better repellent against most diseases.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds examine each seed they post online themselves first. They firmly believe that marijuana will be legalized globally in the coming years.

It is also something they talk about on their website. Most of the hybrids on their websites are also experimented and exported to many countries. 

Quality is what Quebec Cannabis Seeds wants to offer, not quantity.

Germination Rate

One of the fundamental reasons you should reconsider ordering seeds from this company after reading our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review is that the seeds by QCS are usually known to have a high germination promise compared to several other seed banks. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has a germination rate of almost 80%. Multiple users have reviewed in the past, talking about how the entire bunch of seeds they purchased survived to grow into plants!

Given that there’s forever a chance of about 10-20% of the seeds going wrong, this is still a pretty much success rate.


What makes Quebec Cannabis Seeds so successful is that they breed hybrids for particular diseases and pests. Several big growers in the USA have infections that are common in the fields they grow.

That is why they require seeds on a large scale that are immune to such diseases. This is where Quebec Cannabis Seeds comes in and helps them!

You can buy five seeds as a beginner or seeds in bulk if you are a professional breeder. If you are a big scale producer, who trades in wholesale, then you will be qualified for a ‘collection of free seeds.’

Other than this offer, other free seed offers are updated periodically on their website.

Moreover, this seed bank has an easy and simple to operate website which has navigation quite evident and natural.

All the relevant segments are in place like about us, the latest arrivals, the best sellers, special offers, terms and conditions, seed types, FAQs, and associates.

Price Range and Discounts 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers specials each week; they usually give around 15-20% discount on the selected range of products.

They are committed to provide the best cannabis genetics of best marijuana seeds strains for sale.

With 15 years of expertise, The seeds of QCS fit in every budget and satisfy the need of Feminized, Autoflower, Medical, and Regular seeds.

Though, you have to check out their website frequently for the ongoing offers. Well, one thing is sure that you are going to get high-quality seeds from best dealers at a reasonable price.

We can’t say that Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank is the cheapest option available, but still, they are always leading to provide more than their customers demand.

Along with their discounts, they also give promotions to their frequent customers and even to the ones who are newcomers. You can check these out on their site.

The best part of their system is that they promote their special hybrid seeds each week. It indicates that you can get a discount at any time!


Canada has the most authentic e-mail system in the world. Unlike other seed banks who get their orders entered before giving it to the customer, Canada’s courier has more success in reaching the buyer, especially with the stealth packages.

The company maintains global shipping and can ship your order to wherever in the world you desire it to be sent!

However, Quebec seeds do not have a free shipping choice. You will have to pay $10 from your pocket.

They ship the package in discreet form. Neither the identification of the company nor what is held inside will be mentioned anywhere on it. 

While delivering the seeds in Canada is not a difficult task, transferring them out of Canada where the regulations might be strict is a little bit complex.

To overcome this challenge, the company sends seeds hidden in various products like a pen or a shirt, etc.

However, it is to be understood that the stealth shipping options do not work all the time, and there are occasions when customs might enclose the order because of the illegal substances inside it, and it may remain undelivered. There is no return or refund policy by QCS. 

QCS also offers quick same-day shipping stealth with tracking to all the nations of the world, and their shipments are more secure and faster than other seed banks available.

Payment options

While most of the seed banks manage to offer a large number of payment alternatives, the Quebec Seed Bank sort of losses out in this feature. 

While the company does take payments via Mastercard and Visa cards, they also recommend direct transfers.

However, there’s one problem – the company does not usually promote cryptocurrencies, but it can make an exception for reliable customers or for those who want to order in bulk.

However, throughout our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review, we noticed that the payment options are not their powerful suit.

Customer Service

For any online business, particularly the ones trading with marijuana-related products, the buyers need to be able to get in touch with them because there are often many common queries and confusions and delays that might take place.

In this aspect, too, we discovered during our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review that the company does not impress much.

There’s no 24×7 call service, and there’s only one national and international caller number, which rests closed on weekends and after business hours on weekdays. Users have an option to mail the firm too.

We have studied a lot online and located tons of positive reviews for Quebec Seed Bank. Even at their official website, you will be glad to know that they have given every buyer’s review below their product information.

What We Liked

  • Regular sales promotions and discounts
  • A vast collection of seeds
  • Germination Success
  • Quick and discreet shipping

What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited payment options
  • No refund on seized goods

Final Verdict

For more than 15 years, QCS has been offering seeds to its customer base from all over Canada and even from around the globe.

So whether it is some big yielders you’re looking for or very exciting phenotypes, they’ve got you covered! 

The Quebec Cannabis Seeds seed bank has a lot to give to the buyers in terms of price-quality incorporation, the variety of strains, etc.

There are also a lot of causes as to why the customers might be upset with the firm because of their shipping policy and also due to the fact that they do not take returns. 

To conclude, all we can say is Quebec Cannabis seed is a classic blend of quality seeds, ultimate yields, stealth packaging, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, numerous payment methods, and a large variety of strains.

Therefore, we give Quebec Seed Bank the green light to prefer it for ordering your marijuana seeds online. We really hope that our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review provides you with a good perception of what to expect from this bank.

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