Pacific Seed Bank Review 2020

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After the legalization of marijuana in Canada, you will be glad to know that you can legally grow up to four plants in your house. To make your growing easier, buy marijuana seeds in Canada online, and have them shipped to your door. Pacific Seed Bank is your best option among other seed banks. To trust a random seed bank is not easy. That’s why we have made Pacific Seed Bank Review 2020 for you!

With the help of this review, you will be able to judge this seed bank correctly. This review covers some vital information about Pacific Seed Bank, such as seed selection, germination rate, and offered services like shipment, payment options, and customer service. 

To whom are you waiting for? Dive in!

Pacific Seed Bank

Official Website:

Pacific Seed Bank is the firm that sells the best marijuana seeds which were made of high-quality feminized and auto-flowering strains. 

They are the trusted genetic carriers from the famous breeders and farmers. The pacific seed bank is your one-stop marijuana seed solution. 

You will find the top-class marijuana seeds names trusted by Pacific Seed Bank, such as Advanced Genetics, CBD Depot, Coastal Genetics, Mendocino Farms, Amsterdam Seeds Co, and many more.

Pacific Seed Bank is not a newbie to the world of marijuana seeds. While working hand in hand with growers and horticulturalists, they have gathered two decades of experience in cannabis cultivation. 

You won’t find another seed bank so willing to work with all their efforts, making sure you’re a satisfied customer.

Seed Selection

Pacific Seed Bank is home to the most exceptional range of high-quality cannabis seeds you’re likely to find in your country.

This Seed Bank has a group of seed specialists, masters in the medical field, and marketing experts who’ve spent more than 20 years creating and tracking down the best strains around the globe.

Pacific Seeds boasts about their reputation and says,

We weren’t born yesterday, which means we’re not fooled by big talkers in the weed industry – we know how to spot the good stuff, and we work our fingers to the bone to bring it to you.

Pacific Seed Bank

They have a massive collection of cannabis seeds. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new breeder looking for three seeds just to get started, or the owner of a leading growing agency (a legal one, of course) who needs hundreds of seeds, they have something for everyone!

Their product catalog contains more than 150 strains. They always strive to add new growers, new variations, and new methods to experience all the marvelous perks of marijuana.

Germination Rate

Not only do they carry the supreme quality genetics that guarantees high-quality cannabis in every harvest, but they also boastfully offer one of the highest germination levels in the business. 

Want to know how much?

The Pacific Seed Bank offers a 90% germination rate. If 90% of your seeds don’t germinate, they are ready to replace your buds free of cost.

You’re going to get the best quality seeds of the cannabis market, tested, and verified to offer you your best shot at a germination scale of a minimum of 90% when you order from Pacific Seed Bank.

If you are an expert, you can recognize visual signs that might foretell a seed’s viability beforehand, but the proof is in the pudding!

We recommend you try to germinate every seed you want to grow from Pacific Seed Bank.

Although they hold every order with our 90% germination guarantee, to be qualified for the program, we insist you follow their specific germination guide.

If your 90% of seeds don’t germinate, Pacific Seed Bank is ready to reship your order. They will take responsibility for the cost of the replacement seed(s), but shipping charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

However, cannabis seeds that have been bought for more than 60 days before germination will not be able to get this benefit. The seed replacement program is only a one-time offer and cannot be applicable to the same order twice.

Pacific Seed Bank in the USA

You will not have to leave your house frequently for your seed requirements. Pacific Seed BAnk ships the seeds to your doorsteps. 

This is especially valuable to customers who don’t reside near a marijuana dispensary. And even so, some stores do not carry seeds. That’s why you have to find an online seed bank you can trust.

Pacific Seed Bank delivers to all 50 states in the USA, which indicates that you can get your favorite seeds at home no matter where you reside or what your zip code is.

Pacific Seed Bank in Canada

At Pacific Seed Bank, they truly want your weed seeds to turn into a beautiful garden. That’s why they offer tons of alternatives to make this journey as easy as possible for you.

You have a choice from over a hundred diverse strains, each with a distinct set of features and locate the one that’s best for your necessities. 

You can order online or get it done over the phone to get quick shipping of your product in Canada. If you want to buy the best marijuana seeds, you don’t have to adjust to quality or suitability to come to the best in the market.

Pacific Seed Bank delivers cannabis seeds to these states in Canada: British Columbia, Newfoundland, Yukon, New Brunswick, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, PEI, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.


They supply seeds to almost everyone, including:

  • Dispensary owners
  • Nursery gardeners
  • Affiliates and influencers
  • New and experienced home growers

To make your order from Pacific Seeds, you have got two choices:

Buy your seeds online – operate their easy-to-use website, add your favorite items to the shopping cart, and check out utilizing your credit card or other payment methods.

It’s so simple that a child could do it, but a kid wouldn’t do this because you must be at least 18 years or older, depending on your jurisdiction, to buy marijuana seeds.

Place an order over the phone – Not everyone is comfortable putting their credit card or personal data on the internet, which is why Pacific Seeds offer a phone option.

You just simply need to dial their given phone number on the website, and their customer care staff would be pleased to help you make your order or answer any inquiry you might have.

Tracking the Order

From the moment they leave our warehouse, you can track your marijuana seeds. Once your order has been prepared and shipped by Pacific Seed Bank, you’ll get an email, including your confirmation and tracking ID.

You can use the given number to track your package by visiting your national postal service (i.e., Canada: Canada Post, USA: USPS).

A tracking ID does not ensure that your order will arrive without difficulty. If your order doesn’t come by the maximum shipping period noted by your region, please contact your local postal service.

If the postal service is unable to find your package, the next step is to, and the team of Pacific Seeds you find your package.

Price and Discounts

You can pick the THC levels according to your preference, whether high, moderate, or low. For buying such cannabis seeds, you have to pay at around $29.99 based upon the seed type you choose.

They only sell 100% feminized and auto-flowering marijuana seeds, so if you have remarked the prices are a few cents higher than the last company you looked at, that could be the reason.

But when you try out their seeds, you will realize that it was worth a shot!


At Pacific Seed Bank, they understand the value of your time – and your privacy – is essential. So they offer valued customers quick and safe transportation (with tracking) on every order of high-quality cannabis seeds.

Pacific Seeds takes pride in shipping worldwide. Every country takes a different stand on the possession and usage of marijuana and marijuana seeds.

So, it’s up to every client to do their due care and understand the cannabis act in their region. 

Pacific Seeds loves their customers, but they will not be responsible for any legal problem related to your order. For more detail, check their Legal Disclaimer.

They cannot confirm shipping times during the peak marketing season. Over holidays, as the number of applications that they receive increases suddenly. However, they always work tirelessly to get your orders out as soon as possible!

They provide a flat fee for transmissions depending on your nation of residence. If you order a big amount – over $500 – there won’t be any shipping cost.

Delivery times may differ based on location and season of the year. Pacific Seeds do not take responsibility for objects lost or impaired due to postal service carelessness.

Since Pacific Seeds encourage Zelle payments, payments are made through Zelle (in the US), or e-transfer (in Canada) can be processed immediately. 

Payment methods that need time for processing, such as credit cards, or deliver, in the case of payments by mail, might get delayed shipping terms. Pacific Seeds do not send your shipment until they receive payment.

While Pacific Seeds always try to fulfill your orders in time but at times, things go out of the control, which might affect your shipping.

You need to get in touch with the customer service representatives if your package is broken upon arrival or if it fails to arrive after the estimated delivery time.

Payment Options

For the buyer’s convenience, Pacific Seeds accept different methods of payment:

  • Payment by mail – When you pay utilizing cashier’s or certified check or money order, they send in an extra 3-seed pack while shipping your order! However, they do not take cash or personal checks.
  • Zelle (the US only) – If you want to use Zelle to transfer your payment, you don’t have to pay any transaction charges!
  • e-Transfer (Canada only) – Paying with an e-transfer also means you don’t have to worry about transaction expenses.

For the above payment methods, you will not be required to enter payment information during checkout. Pacific Seeds send you an email with instructions on how to complete your payment as soon as you complete the checkout.

  • Visa and Mastercard – By paying with Visa and Master card, you must pay an 8.5% transaction charge on all credit card orders. This is the amount the credit card company charges Pacific Seeds. Your bank can also charge fees on your order.
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum- You can pay safely and anonymously using cryptocurrency.

Pacific Seeds website and checkout systems are safe and encrypted. They don’t store your personal information after the payment is settled, so you’ll never have to bother about someone getting your private data.

Customer Service

At Pacific Seed Bank, their primary purpose is to make their customers happy and help them with their goals.

They help the customers with the germination process and answer any inquiries about their shipping/tracking report.

All you require to do is give them a call or send an email. They usually don’t manage customer service concerns via Instagram or social media.

The customer service staff works from Monday to Saturday. You can contact them from 9 am to 6 pm.

Whether you’re curious about the best sellers, having trouble with placing the order, querying where your seeds are, or just want to talk about cannabis, simply hit their contact number!

What We Liked

  • User-friendly website
  • Various payment options
  • Excellent customer support
  • 90% germination rate
  • Regular discounts

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor packaging
  • No social media handling

Final Verdict

Though everything seems perfect about Pacific Seed Bank, one negative side about this seed bank, though they stand behind their products, outside of the detailed descriptions listed on the individual product pages, Pacific Seed Bank does not promise the accuracy of the data provided on the website. This might mislead the customers.

In the end, we can conclude that though they have few backdrops, Pacific Seed Bank is a place where you should give a thought at least once. Who knows you might end up being there regular customer! To know more about other Canadian marijuana seed bank reviews, Click Here!