Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review 2020

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There are many reasons you would want to grow marijuana at home. For one, it’s more affordable than regular dispensary trips. For another, you know exactly what you are getting when you work with home-grown marijuana, and you might end up growing a perfect strain for you. But you have to buy it from a genuine seed bank. If it sounds like a great deal to you, read our Montreal Cannabis Seeds review to know more.

In order to grow your own cannabis plants at home, you’ll need to locate the best suits for you. Whether you’re buying from a store or surveying the internet, you’ll find multiple seed banks that offer different strains such as Hybrids, Sativa, Indica, High THC, Indoor, and Outdoor strains. 

What makes Montreal Seed Bank, one of the best Canadian seed banks, is that they pick only the best and most authentic plants to get seeds from. No matter if you cultivate commercially or for private use, you will never get disappointed. So why wait? Let us get started!

Montreal Cannabis Seeds

Official Website:

Montreal seed bank was founded in 2014 in Canada. It has inspired and influenced the cannabis market to a greater extent for more than six years. 

Montreal Cannabis Seeds offers some of the world’s best marijuana strains for sale. With more than six years’ experience, their cannabis seeds serve to every budget and requirement in Medical, Feminized, Autoflower, and Regular varieties.

The Montreal seed bank operates on a purpose:

‘To provide the very best cannabis genetics possible featuring some of the best cannabis seeds.’

Montreal Cannabis Seeds

Montreal cannabis seed trades seeds via two platforms. One is online, and another is offline.

They sell cannabis seeds online through their website. On the other hand, offline platforms are mostly retail outlets in different regions of Canada.

At Montreal cannabis seed bank, they are committed to provide the best cannabis genetics possible, including a few of the best cannabis seeds strains for sale.

Montreal Cannabis Seeds store business aims, and all their website strive to help conserve cannabis genes for future generations while promoting the need to control and monitor cannabis under a legal framework.

More notably they try to motivate visitors of their websites to do the very same by keeping them posted with exactly what is taking place in regards to cannabis regulations and offer a viable quantity of articles and information on all phases of cannabis to help feed their interest and get them more connected with the lobbying procedure.

Seed Selection

The Montreal seed bank sells all the primary flower types like auto seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds. They have a total number of 200 different types of cannabis strains on their online store.

Montreal seed bank trades in many other flower types like CBD Seeds, Breeders, Regular seeds, Feminized seeds, Auto flower, and Fast Version seeds.

They have also categorized these seeds, such as the fast version, bestsellers, popular seeds, CBD seeds, new arrivals, outdoor seeds, and individual seeds. 

They also have a number of growers associated with them. You will see a variety of popular strains on their seed bank website that arrives from a family of prize-winning cannabis farmers.

A few to mention are Sweet seeds, Barney’s farm, Royal Queen seeds, Jordan of the islands, Resin seeds, G13 Labs, and Dinafem.

They claim that they hold access to thousands of different kinds of strains, if you cannot locate the one you want, you can reach them and they will arrange a special order for you.

Seed Quality

Seeds are more reliable than clones when we talk about cultivating because the yields are bigger, and the plants will be better. Montreal Seed Bank keeps this in mind and individually selects the seeds.

They strive to give their customers high-quality seeds and to maintain cannabis genetics for the future. They do this with a number of dedicated sites, which involve Toronto Cannabis Seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds, and Super Autoflowers.

Lately, they have been able to develop the seeds that they stock from other growers too.

Before you purchase marijuana seeds, you should know that price is not always the most prominent thing. Cheap cannabis seeds are common for a reason because they might have a decreased germination rate or might not be viable for growing. 

Most of the customers at Montreal seed bank like the strains with big crops and high THC content with a low or high CBD (cannabidiol) grade, as well as CBN (cannabinol) levels.

Moreover, there’s also some particular variety of marijuana you can buy from Montreal Cannabis Seeds such as Fruity Loops strain and Amnesia Haze strain, which are reliable when it comes to the high that they give you!

The Montreal Cannabis Seeds seed bank always aims to keep the best seed quality with its endless dedication, hard work, and reliability. That is why the seed bank holds a high stature in this business.

Every seed of the Montreal seed bank is handpicked to manage the expected quality and match the demands of many producers. All seeds are traded as genetic preservation tokens.

Each seed undergoes rigorous quality assurance inspections to pass the quality test, which is an essential feature.

Germination Rate

All the breeders buy seeds to germinate the best crop from them. And if it does not occur that way, then what is the advantage of buying seeds online!

But, you can be assured of the germination guarantee with this seed bank.

What separates Montreal seed bank from other seed banks is their germination guarantee. MCS gives as much as an 80% Germination Guarantee, which is very good for growers.

If in case your seeds don’t pop out, the Montreal seed bank will be kind enough to resend you your order.


For newcomers, Montreal seed bank provides germination guidelines on their website. You can hit their official website to read how to germinate your cannabis seeds every single time. 

Moreover, they also give details on each product, such as type of strain, growing method, seeds per pack, flowering time, the effect of the strain, THC level, and harvesting month and time. This is one of the unique qualities of Montreal Seed Bank.

They are so sure about the cannabis seeds that they allow a full refund if you are not 100% convinced with the order. They even replace the seeds for free in the case, at least 80% of your seeds don’t germinate.

A portion of MCS business’ earnings is spent on supporting to promote the need for legal transformation within Canada and around the world. This is done by visiting cannabis trade shows and colloquia, supporting political lobbying institutions, and charities.

Price Range and Discounts

First and foremost, this is a perfect seed bank for buyers looking forward to making their purchases by paying in cryptocurrencies.

This seed bank accepts not only Bitcoin but Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash as well – and also gives a special 20% discount to those who buy using cryptocurrencies! 

Moreover, as another promotional system, if your order is worth $150 or more than that, you’ll receive some other seed for free!

Montreal seed bank also offers marijuana seeds discount coupons for those who desire to buy marijuana seeds from them, and it is equivalent to 10% off the regular cost for some strains that they offer.

They are also inviting those who would want to become a reseller of cannabis seeds by reaching and leaving them a message at their reseller page.

You can also locate one of the world’s largest online cannabis coupon code directories to get the most favorable rates with Montreal Cannabis Seeds.


When we were analyzing at Canadian seed bank reviews, we found that Montreal Cannabis Seeds is one of the best seed banks for those looking for an outstanding delivery service because they ship from Monday to Friday! 

The Montreal seed bank guarantees the discrete packaging of the marijuana seeds. In this case, you might receive seeds inside a pen, DVD cases, or even birthday cards.

Montreal seed bank ships all over the world with stealth and quick delivery options at the most affordable prices. It also ensures that all orders come with free samples.

The seeds might take time to reach you in 2 to 7 days if you are buying from within Canada, and the cost of delivery is $10. If you are ordering from outside Canada, the shipping charges might differ.

If your parcel is misplaced or lost, the Montreal seed bank makes sure to ship your seeds again, which is too free of cost.

Payment Options

Montreal cannabis seed accepts ample of payment methods such as Visa card, Bitcoin, and Mastercard.

As we stated earlier, Montreal seed bank grants an exclusive 20% discount to those who buy using cryptocurrencies. So if you want a safe and budget-friendly purchase, pay by cryptocurrencies!

Customer Service

Approaching customers with the best care is not an easy job. Montreal seed bank does it with great efforts.

The customer care staff members of this seed bank are very responsive and co-operative. They offer telephonic support, email, and live chat as well.

The Montreal customer support staff is accessible from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. They don’t operate on weekends.

Though the customer service of MCS is very good, according to some customers, it was not up to the mark.

The Montreal seed bank is making constant efforts to get more reliable and satisfy its customers with top-quality seeds and outstanding customer service.

Many customers have given reviews on MCS’s Facebook page or as a comment at Seed Bank Reviews. Over 60 reviews have given them a linked score of 4.8 out of 5 on Facebook.

What We Liked

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Special discount on Cryptocurrencies
  • Variety of seeds
  • Home to some unique strains of cannabis
  • Gives good after-sales services
  • Inspects and verifies seeds before delivery

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pitfalls in customer service
  • Limited data on medical cannabis on the website

Final Verdict

We can say that Montreal Seed Bank is one of the best seed banks in Canada because of the fusion of many features like shipping guarantee, high reputation, germination guarantee, high-quality cannabis seeds, and large strains availability. Check more at our Best Canadian Seed Banks Review.

It seems that MCS is trying to evolve with time, but one thing that has consistently increased is the trust and the reliability that it has among the breeders’ community!

Whether you are growing for your private use or industrial purpose, you can rest assured that the plant will come out very well. We recommend Montreal Cannabis Seeds as they offer the best cannabis seeds emphasizing some of the best cannabis strains.