Grasscity Forum Review – The Biggest Online World of Marijuana

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In the cannabis world, it is sometimes tough to exchange information because there can be legal concerns associated with cannabis and particularly about growing marijuana. For that purpose, online forums are among the best means to stay in the loop, get help from more seasoned growers, and share your expertise. Try reading our Grasscity Forum Review to check is this a really big world for marijuana?

Grasscity Logo

SJV B.V. (“Grasscity Shop”) and SJV 2 B.V. (“Grasscity Forums”) are firms with limited liability authorized and surviving under the laws of The Netherlands, having their registered office at Gyroscoopweg 64, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 55042503 and 34115983. Both companies are mostly be known as “Grasscity.”

Grasscity offers an online headshop by the website and a forum via the website and the application “Grasscity Community.”

Through the website, you can buy products of Grasscity. The community can be used to discuss about the products of Grasscity and the use thereof.

Grasscity has more smoking and vaping products than most online headshops, so it’s an ideal place to start shopping if you’re looking for variation and quality.

The team of Grasscity is enthusiastic regarding what they do! They work unitedly to find the most refreshing latest smoking accessories, offering fun and safe shopping encounter, get your products to you safely, and clarify your doubts along the way!

For over a decade, Grasscity is evolving as one of the most thriving online headshops today, with a flourishing counterculture community forum of more than half a million members!

They are a multinational company that ships worldwide with their great team efforts and warehouses around the globe. 

Evolution of Grasscity

When we started looking out for Grasscity Forum Review, we found that Grasscity has a long history. A long time ago, was a limited website that used to sell smoking accessories and give Amsterdam tourism information before was launched in 2000.

That idea evolved into a new site that would grow much more than just a working online headshop. was founded with the idea that it would be a gathering place for like-minded people engaged in smoking and alternative lifestyle discussions, a new hang-out spot, and a global forum for all items which are related to smoking.

By the end of 2018, was taken by High Tide Inc. from Canada. High Tide Inc. serves as a vertically-integrated firm in the cannabis business in Canada.

It works in the designing, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis accessories and alternative lifestyle goods worldwide. The company manages nine corporate and ten franchised puffing accessories retail stores in British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.

It is also linked to the retailing of marijuana products. This addition extends Grasscity’s place in the global e-commerce market for smoking accessories.

Grasscity now works from different warehouses in North America and Europe and spread its customers globally with quick shipping times.

With over 1 million packages shipped during their presence, Grasscity has a faithful following of consumers who love the Grasscity label, their quality to serve, and the product range.

General Terms and Conditions

According to their Terms and Condition page, the primary condition which they state clearly that you take responsibility that you are 19 or older while using their website.

The website is meant solely for people who are 19 years of age or older. Any enrollment, usage, or access to the website by anyone below the age of 19 is unapproved, unlicensed, and in outrage of their General Terms.

Additionally, they have also mentioned some other particular regulations regarding products, shipping, liability, warranties. To know their terms and conditions in detail, Click Here.

Let’s understand Grasscity in detail!

Grasscity Headshop

If you love smoking, you can assume how much you enjoy searching the whole world for new smoking-related goods to get excited about. That’s why we included this in our Grasscity Forum Review.

The objects Grasscity sells in their shop are hand-picked to give you the vast selection, from mills and rolling papers to one-of-a-kind glass bongs, smoking tubes, oil rigs, and bubblers.

From water pipes, hand pipes, and recyclers to concentrate items, dabbers, and nails, you name it, and they have it!

They stay on the top of what’s fresh on the scene and are always extending their range of rolling paper brands as RAW, Bulldog, Smoking, and Mascotte. Vaporizers like Storz & Brickel and PAX.

Their collection of high-end glass is one of the best online, with design pieces and collaborations with ROOR, Dopezilla, Glasscity, Black Leaf, Blaze Glass, Snoop Dogg Pounds, Cheech and Chong Glass, and USA brands like Empire Glass, Mountain Jam Glass, Grav Labs, Noble Glass and many more. 

Their primary focus is customer satisfaction; that’s why their team works hard to offer you value for cash, quick and expert support, free transportation, and stealth packaging.

They also offer bulk discounts and exclusive coupon discounts for the members and faithful clients. They welcome their new members wholeheartedly.

Grasscity Magazine

Grasscity Magazine has bundles of valuable articles on lifestyle, health, and cannabis growing as well as marijuana business and news updates, and commodity and brand evaluations.

This section of the website is composed well, and if you’re already on Grasscity shopping, there’s nothing wrong with jumping over a couple of tabs and searching out the latest.

Though Grasscity Magazine is a great store, we do have to say it doesn’t stack up where other magazines like Cannabis Magazine, High Times, or Cannabis Now do.

Grasscity Forums

In addition to its numerous cannabis products, Grasscity also presents a virtual lounge of descriptions where individuals who think alike can hash out answers to their most crucial cannabis issues.

Most online headshops do not have this specialty, or if they do, their forum has very limited going for them.

With more than 650,000 subscribers, over 20 million posts, and more than 2 million reactions per month, the Grasscity forum is a sparkling place where like-minded people come closer to participate in discussions and share their opinions.

While conducting our Grasscity Forum Review, we found that the faithful members have built a vibrant and welcoming virtual society that flourishes on the exchange of the counterculture, liberty of speech, and happiness.

The quality of discussion is supported by moderation that tries to keep a positive and sophisticated environment.

It’s a social gathering for people who share a mutual interest. As the community extends to arise, look for new and exclusive content, and new ideas to share. You would never get bored at the Grasscity forums, and they love to accept new people.

A Google search for almost anything about cannabis smoking or marijuana consumption will turn up a Grasscity forum result or more than two. It’s definitely one of the best online spots to get the answers to just about any query. 

When Grasscity claims that the forums are alive, they don’t just imply that you’ll see posts from this year instead of 2005. They mean that the forum is actually going on.

Grasscity praises their forums as the biggest online stoners society out there on the internet, and we’re hard-pressed to deny that.

This panel has just about anything you want if you are curious about marijuana or are growing cannabis. There are different forums to pick from.

In our Grasscity Forum Review, we found out that they have discussions on toking tools, including bubblers, bongs, water pipes, vaporizers, glass spoon pipes, E-cigarettes, and so on.

There are forums only on the smoking and practice of marijuana in general, which also includes a question & answer segment.

There’s a medical marijuana forum that involves information, uses, medical news, and industry news. Moreover, there are the Marijuana News Articles and Reform Discussions, and the so-called Chill Out Zone that includes lifestyle, usual social forums, people’s narratives, music, sports, etc.

If you want to live a marijuana lifestyle, you have to be on this panel!

By looking at the website page of Grasscity Forums, we can clearly say that the page is definitely organized for visitors’ ease. The Forums page is mainly divided into three sections, namely, Forum List, Trending Threads, and New Content. Each segment contains information and discussions on various topics related to marijuana.

The Forum List includes the discussion panel on smoking accessories, smoking marijuana and consumption, medical marijuana, marijuana news and legalization, marijuana business, growing marijuana.

The same page has some general discussion forums such as Chilling Out and Mind Over Matter, where people usually write about their lives and interests.

Grasscity Forum also helps people with their doubts. There is one separate panel named as Forum Help to clarify your doubts by the experts.

After reading this many categories, if you think you have to scroll down a lot to find your favorite topic to discuss, don’t worry! Just by typing the related keyword in the search box, you’ll get what you want.

You can search not only with keywords but also by the name of the member who uploaded the content too! How interesting!

Adding one more gem to the site, Grasscity also runs an affiliate program where you can register, promote Grasscity to your blogs or website, and earn a commission.

Joining the Grasscity Affiliate Program is simple. First, you have to sign up to complete the online application. Once you’re through, you simply add one or more of their links with your referral code to your web site or social media account.

Whenever someone clicks on your link to their website and orders from, you’ll receive a minimum of 8% commission. So why wait? Register Now!

Presence on Social Media Platforms

The Grasscity has more than 35,000 verified buyer reviews powered by YOTPO, and there are nearly 300,000 total followers of Grasscity on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest merged which is quite impressive! This is the reason why the Grasscity Forum is so popular.

Sign up in Grasscity and be the part of the Soaring Tide of Grasscity and walk with them for the latest competitions, giveaways, and upcoming deals!

Final Verdict

If you’re really high, looking through literally thousands of goods to find that one pipe, you saw that once on the internet but now can’t find it, Go to Grasscity! That’s the ultimate destination!

We don’t think like a whole lot is missing at Grasscity. What we concluded after this Grasscity Forum Review is that, they govern the market on online cannabis accessories and literally smoke their competitors. To see more reviews regarding the marijuana world, Visit our blogs here.