Feminized vs Regular Cannabis Strain

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For a new marijuana grower, visiting an online seed bank can be quite a fantastic encounter. There are few terms to get to grasps with before picking the best seed and strain. In this article, we will take a closer look at the distinctions between Feminized v/s Regular Cannabis Strain, which will help you pick the right strain.

With the global hype surrounding the relatively latest advancements of feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds, if you think regular seeds are less appealing, you are wrong!

Regular cannabis seeds hold unlimited opportunities for breeders to experiment with.

Before we dig deep into the distinction between Feminized v/s Regular strain, let’s get to know the primary variations between plant sexes

Marijuana plants can be of two separate genders – female or male. There is no way to recognize what sex the mature plant will become by looking at the seed.

A regular weed seed has more or less a 50% probability of being a male or female plant. Female plants create thick flowering buds that people love to consume.

Males provide flowers that cannot get you high but carry pollen, not to be confused with “pollen” hash.

Should the pollen from the male plants get into touch with a flowering female bud, and the plant will shift its strength to produce seeds rather than fat lush budding flowers.

If you are willing to grow marijuana to be consumed, you will desire to keep your field free from male plants and pollen.

In this article, we’ll look at Feminized and Regular seeds, their genetics, pros and cons, and the top 3 best cannabis strains for your ease. Let’s dig deep!

Feminized v/s Regular Cannabis Strain


Feminized Cannabis Strain

Ever since the inflation of feminized seeds back in 1998, cannabis growers have gone mad for feminized seeds, and numerous seed banks have really been cleaned up during that time.

It kept on happening so far that most of the seed banks don’t even trade regular cannabis seeds anymore at all.

To make a feminized seed, the breeder forces a female plant into being a hermaphrodite. The last male flowers on a female plant will (most of the time) result in forming pollen that will generate seeds that become female plants when mixed with a real female flower.

When such feminized seeds are grown, the breeder does not require to observe the field for the symptoms of male plants – which need to be excluded or destroyed.

As the cannabis seeds are so high-priced, you most likely desire to grow out 100% of seeds from your plants rather than 50% of your seeds. 

Most of the seed banks would prefer to sell you a seed every time you crave to grow a weed plant rather than you purchasing marijuana seeds once then become self-sufficient – or even an opponent.

If you are a new grower in marijuana breeding and desire to grow out all of your seeds into flowering buds to use or at a push want to pick a mother plant to harvest clones from – then feminized seeds are the best option for you.

The significant benefit for producers who prefer feminized cannabis seeds is that they don’t have to distinguish or separate male plants, which would generate pollination.

Unless the grower wants more seeds, rather than buds, this is a crucial part of the marijuana breeding process.

Feminized Genetics

Some techniques can deliver reliably feminized seeds. One traditional approach is accenting out a healthy female plant by interfering with the light cycle during the flowering period.

While this works to an extent, the more popular and controlled way is to sprinkle down female weed plants with a colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate solution.

This method makes it likely to control the sex of a plant without changing any genetic tinkering.

Both the substances used in that method are a mixture of water and fine silver particles, and they operate in mainly the same fashion.

The silver solution prevents the production of ethylene, a hormone required in flowering. The final result is a female plant, but one that creates male flowers with pollen sacs.

Since those pollen sacs grow on a plant with only female genetics, female genetics is all they take. When such flowers pollinate another female plant, the one untreated by silver solutions, the resulting seeds are nearly sure to be female.

Handling plants with a silver thiosulphate extract results in seeds that will provide feminized plants nearly 100% of the time. Many experienced growers have discovered this approach to be the most efficient way to preserve the stability of the seeds and later feminized plants.

Feminized seeds are attractive for growers not only due to their ease of growth but also because they produce ready-made buds to consume.

Pros of Feminized Cannabis Strain

• Produce almost 100% female plants. • A small number of male plants make sorting and extraction of males much easier • Saves on time, resources and work • No sexing is needed, which can be tricky for new growers

Cons of Feminized Cannabis Strain

• Higher cost • Inconsistent canopy

Top 3 Feminized Strains

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Regular Cannabis Strain


Regular cannabis seeds have a 50% possibility of developing as either females or males—just as nature designed.

Since they provide males, regular seeds are famous among many cannabis growers who want to experiment with producing new strains. 

Males produce pollen that farmers use to fertilize female flowers, producing the next generation of seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are created when a male weed plant fertilizes a female cannabis plant. Male pollen is discharged from ripe pollen sacs and driven by the wind or carried by the careful hand of a grower until it gets the responsive stigmas in female flowers.

Pollination results in hundreds, if not thousands, more regular marijuana seeds, which will all, in turn, create either male or female cannabis plants.

Regular cannabis seeds are accessible in many different categories. You will find high-THC, high-CBD, Indica-dominant, and Sativa-dominant varieties in the market.

Before feminized seeds were developed, many old generation farmers would take a moment to produce male and female plants from their grow places, to improve the features of the strains they had.

With such a strong and commercial focus on feminized seeds, people easily forget that regular seeds are necessary to create and maintain the ocean of pure marijuana genes.

It’s incredibly essential that seed banks and growers understand their duty and keep offering regular seeds to the cannabis community.

With regular cannabis seeds, you can get a totally different and genetically pure phenotype and the keeper in your growing space.

Regular seeds are the best option if you want an even balance of male and female plants. Possessing both sexes at your end will allow you to produce your own strains.

You will be able to choose plants with the features you want and use them to make your own customized varieties. You can transform anything, including the cannabinoid content, terpene profile, potency, and size.

If you intend to take cuttings, you will definitely want to raise out regular seeds. Cloning will enable you to skip the germination stage and create a specific genetic copy of a selected plant. Only regular plants provide fully viable and healthy clones.

Regular Genetics

The genetics of regular cannabis seeds are entirely natural. They are the outcome of how marijuana appeared in nature. There’s no tampering or tweaking included.

Purebred regular genetics stem came from all the way back to landrace ancestors located all over the world, from the mountain ranges of India to the shores of Jamaica.

Breeders have also produced regular hybrids by blending the genetics of two different subspecies. This process results in a progeny that displays the traits of both parent strains.

Pros of Regular Cannabis Strain

• Contain more hybrid vigor • They are the originals, for many strains, their genes are pure • Both males and females can be produced, so you can simply generate new seeds • They do not need the intrusion of chemical agents for their production • They are more efficient as mother plants in serving clones according to some people

Cons of Regular Cannabis Strain

• Limited yield • No charge over the sex of the plants

Top 3 Regular Strains

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Let’s move towards our final overview of Feminized v/s Regular Cannabis Strain!


Feminized v/s Regular Cannabis Strain

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Regular Cannabis Seeds
Made from elite clone Natural
Germinate seeds only Create new seeds/strains
Saves time, work and resources No chemicals required for production
No sexing required More effective in serving clones

Regular seeds are produced from a male and female plant. The pollen from the male pollinates the female, which in turn creates seeds. These seeds are known as regular seeds because they are produced in a standard natural way.

On the other hand, feminized seeds are created from a female and another female plant. One of the females is constrained to stressful circumstances to produce pollen, which will fertilize the other female.

It is the flowers of the marijuana plant that are used for their cannabinoid content. This feature makes the female plant craved by most growers. 

Thus, a lot of breeders opt for feminized marijuana seeds to minimize the chance of getting a male plant. However, regular seeds certainly have their advantages, as we have seen earlier in this article.

Feminized weed seeds seem exactly identical as regular cannabis seeds, whether male or female. But inside their natural brown shells, there’s a significant difference.

Feminized cannabis seeds don’t have male chromosomes, whereas regular cannabis seeds carry the full balance of genes that allow them to be either male or female.

Most cannabis breeders prefer working with feminized seeds because they are almost 100% female. Most weed enthusiasts cultivate marijuana to get crystal-coated beautiful and potent buds.

The greatest concern of growers is the pollen, which can nearly kill the buds. With feminized seeds, you don’t need to bother about male pollination.

Also, there is no trouble of meticulously checking the sex of the plant during the flowering stage.

You just need to sow the seeds, nurture it, and you get moist buds, it’s as easy as pie!

Numerous expert growers favor growing regular cannabis seeds for many reasons. First, females originating from regular seeds are incredibly qualified to work as mother plants for cloning.

Some growers think that they get better quality buds from regular seeds, although this is widely disputed.

Second, when producers wish to produce powerful hybrids or fantastic crosses, they can utilize an actual male to fertilize a female, rather than using feminized pollen for seed generation.

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If you do not know the difference between a feminized and a regular cannabis seed, you will most likely be needing feminized seeds.

99% of the seeds you grow will provide you female plants, and you will have one less concern to bother about in your marijuana garden.

Growers who want to take their cultivation to the next level, they might want to think to invest in any regular seeds. They are more costly and tougher to take hold of than feminized seeds but necessary if you want to become a professional cannabis grower.

Final Verdict

After reading this comparison between feminized v/s regular cannabis strain, it must now be clear that the essential thing in the quality of cannabis seeds is their genetics.

It is indifferent if it comes from regular or feminized plants. The selection of breeding parents is the fundamental part when producing seeds, not just by adding quality; we can measure.

It is essential to understand the level of pressure they are capable of resisting, as this is another feature they will transmit to their offspring.

Buying your seeds from a genuine seed bank also plays a vital role in growing marijuana. Click Here to know about the best marijuana seed banks in Canada.

We hope that after reading this detailed overview of Feminized v/s Regular cannabis strains, you will feel quite comfortable when you grow your next batch of marijuana.

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