Dr. Seeds Seed Bank Review 2020

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When you go out to the market for buying marijuana seeds, you only want the best. But picking the best place to purchase is not an easy task. There are numerous seed banks open in the market, and if you don’t know whom to trust, you’ll fall into big trouble. Here we have prepared Dr. Seeds Seed Bank Review 2020 to get you out of the trouble!

Dr. Seeds Seed Bank is every breeder’s ultimate choice. This is one of the most popular cannabis seed banks in Toronto, Canada.

This seed bank is a complete collection of many strains, quality seeds, germination and shipping guarantees, ample of payment methods, and some other extra features.

Dr. Seeds Seed Bank

Official Website: https://drseeds.net/

Dr. Seeds is a seed bank founded in Canada. They have experience in the cannabis business for more than two years. This seed bank is a reliable source, and they focus on each product with a broad category of seeds.

Since their information is so comprehensive and accurate, most of the people who visit the website for the first time want to order from Dr. Seeds.

After the order has been stored, Dr. Seeds takes charge of an up to date tracking system for shipping and information about the products. It is one of the outstanding features of Dr. Seeds.

Regularly, they trade in a broad range of Autoflowering, Feminized, and CBD strains in collectible small tins.

Dr. Seeds deals with every type and form of cannabis seed that you would like to order. Their easy-to-operating website sections’ offering into each category makes it easy to move around the website.

Seed Selection

Dr. Seed’s seed bank sells primary varieties of cannabis types like Auto-flowering seeds, Feminized seeds, CBD seeds stretching the range to more than 60 products.

Dr. Seeds also has excellent search features like Hybrid, Indica and Sativa strains, top pick for outdoor, big yields, high THC, easy to grow, suitable for extract, grows short and prettiest flowers.

When you search the seeds by your preference, such as best sellers and for beginners, you get a good variety of marijuana seeds.

The seed selection is made up of popular marijuana strains such as Northern Lights, White Widow, Purple Punch, and Blue Dream.

Dr. Seeds’ website is refreshingly simple and easy to navigate. Every tin holds five seeds and each tin costs around $50.

In the menu, the strains are arranged into three divisions: Feminized seeds, Auto-Flowering seeds, and CBD strains.

Additionally, under the section of Plant Nutrients, Dr. Seeds sells Fertilizers and Organic Bio Stimulants.

Seed Quality

Many buyers confirm the high-quality of seeds ordered from the Dr. seeds seed bank.

The seeds offered by Dr. Seeds ensure the most exceptional yields, dense and heavy buds, which gives you a great harvest.

Moreover, each seed from the Dr. Seeds seed bank inspects each seed manually and makes sure the seed pass through high-level tests from the expert growers.

Also, every seed is certified of quality assurance by going through strict inspections and other control measurements.

Thus, Dr. Seeds offers nothing less than only high-quality products.

Germination Rate

One disappointing thing for the customers is that Dr. Seeds do not guarantee that all the seeds will germinate.

There are no refunds or replacement of seeds to offset for seeds that do not grow. So, here you have to be cautious and purchase seeds at your own risk.

Usually, there are not many problems reported by the buyers regarding the germination of seeds. Each seed purchased from Dr. Seeds has a roughly 80% chance of germinating.


The website of Dr. seeds seed bank reflects the simple yet striking Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Dr. Seeds operates an affiliate program where you can earn a commission by promoting Dr. Seeds. When you join the affiliate program, you will be provided with a range of banners and textual links that you put within your website.

When a user ticks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website, and our affiliate software will track their activity. You will earn a commission based on the types of commission available.

Moreover, if you have photographic proofs of your successful germination using their seeds and post them online with a fair review in a public forum like 420 Magazine, you will get a complimentary tin of seeds of your own choice of strain.

Price Range and Discount

Dr. Seeds offers some sales activities, like winning free seeds by uploading a photo and reviewing it on a public platform. But all together, they only give discount ticket codes from time to time.

The prices compared with other seed-banks are actually quite close, and they have free shipping from orders over $100.

The most exciting part about Dr. seeds cannabis seed bank is that they have frequent offers and discounts, which will allow you to catch some free seeds and packs at very lower costs.


According to their website, Dr. Seeds guarantee the delivery of all shipments and reinstate a lost shipment with the following circumstances:

  • The shipping address must be in Canada or the USA.
  • The cause for lost shipment must be misplaced in the mail. They will not replace a shipment that is seized by customs. They will not replace an order if its tracking details say the package has reached the destination.
  • The address given must be a valid address and the buyer’s real address.
  • Lack of responsibility on late packages

They do not pay a refund or compensation for delayed packages made by courier delays. Dr. Seeds do not offer stealth shipping, but the packaging is discrete, and only 5% gets caught by customs. This is a very low percentage and compared to other seed-banks actually quite subtle.

One remarkable feature of Dr. Seeds is when you check out from your cart, you get your order ID. With your order ID, you can track your order and know the ETD of your product.

There is no additional information on the website, but when you checkout to pay, you get to know your shipping charges for the USA or Canada.

Payment Options

Dr. Seeds accepts Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfer. Sadly, they do not yet have an alternative to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Since they are a relatively new corporation, we believe more options will follow in the near future!

Customer Service

The customer service provided by Dr. Seeds is quick and responsive. The customer support staff members frequently post an update to 420 Magazine Page so that the customers get the latest updates about the discounts and offer available at Dr. Seeds.

Get yourself registered at 420 Magazine to get the latest updates about marijuana Here.

Dr. Seeds’ return policy clearly says you can only contact them via email or through a form given on the website, not by phone. The customer service members answer immediately and in-depth via mail.

What We Liked

  • Excellent website UI
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Best for beginners
  • Offers regular discounts
  • A good collection of marijuana strains
  • Supports Visa, MasterCard, bank transfers for payments

What We Didn’t Like

  • No Cryptocurrency payment option
  • No refund if seeds don’t germinate
  • Don’t sell regular seeds
  • No discrete shipping

Final Verdict

If you’re searching for a seed bank with quite high-quality genetics, smooth website exploration, precise product categories, and loads of individual strain information, go see the doctor! Dr. Seeds.

According to positive customer reviews, we can conclude that Dr. Seeds is a good place to buy your seeds. If you want to know about other Canadian seedbanks such as Crop King Seeds or Quebec Seed Bank, visit our canadianmarijuanaproducts.com