Crop King Seeds Bank Review – Are They Really Cannabis King?

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If you’re looking for top Cannabis seeds, you should understand which are the most suggested seed banks close to you, either for their quality, germination guarantee, or for their genetics, so that this way you can make a safe and easy cannabis seed purchase. In this Crop King Seeds Review, you will find the necessary details about Crop King Seeds, which will make your shopping effortless. 

Crop King Seeds Bank Review

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Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank with a unique past. The organization initially started in the mid-2000s but needed to close up shop in 2005 because of the unsure eventual fate of Canadian Cannabis laws.

After a long break, Crop King Seeds sprung up again – this time in the US, where a couple of states like Colorado and Washington had as of late casted a ballot to legalize cannabis. The business developed until the Canadian atmosphere was prepared to greet them back again wholeheartedly.

Crop King is one of the oldest established seed banks, and their experience is obvious to see in the impressive products they offer. Let’s have a quick look at our Crop King Seeds Review!

Seed Selection

The selection at Crop King Seeds offers a good assortment of strains and seed types. They have more than 30 different strains available at present (as of 2020), all of which they have cultivated themselves. 

A large number of these are original strains that have been bred exclusively by Crop King Seeds – strains you can’t get anyplace else. Crop King sells seeds in various categories: regular, feminized, auto-flower feminized, predominate auto-flower feminized, medical/high CBD and a couple of blend and-match packs.

You can search via all the strains by seed type, which is a useful option if you’re looking for something specific. 

Some of their most-eminent strains incorporate Blueberry, Afghani, Dark Angel, White Cookies, Purple Kush, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Candy Cane, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, and Train Wreck. Of course, they also sell much more than just these couple of varieties. 

In short, the seed selection at Crop King Seeds may not be quite as wide as the selection at some other seed banks, but it is well-categorized. 

This means while other shops may cushion out their listings with seed strains of varying qualities, but when you purchase from Crop King Seeds, you can be sure that everything you see in their shop is of the highest quality.

Seed Quality 

Throughout the years, Cannabis growers have been exceptionally impressed by the quality of Crop King Seeds. You will be too if you give them a shot for yourself. 

There’s almost no risk required since Crop King Seeds offers a guaranteed germination pace of 80 percent. This sort of guarantee is entirely unheard of in the cannabis seed business. 

The organization sells their most powerful strains, which have the highest germination rate. 

While buying Cannabis seeds, you can rest assured knowing that your seeds will grow, and the marijuana will be extremely great. 

Crop King Seeds have assembled a strong seed quality reputation, but you’ll find blended experiences if you search around enough. More than half of their buyers report successful growth to their credit, which indicates their seed quality is generally reasonable. 

The thing that makes us pause, however, is some of the online reviews on Trustpilot.


Crop King Seeds is in a different category from most other seed banks that sell almost exclusively through their websites. While preparing Crop King Seeds review, we found their website very attractive.

Crop King Seeds sets itself separated as an established business with genuine individuals behind it that you can meet face-to-face. That is an authentic rarity in the cannabis seed industry. 

Crop King was an established retail shop before they made the transition to online selling. 

Crop King Seeds gladly sells their products all over Canada, and individuals eagerly get them from across the globe. This makes them a highly-suggested seed bank and source for all your growing needs.

The Crop King’s website explains that the organization’s mission is not just to give quality but also to enhance the quality of exiting genetics and strains; through careful breeding selection.

The organization helps to encourage its partners to continually improve the genetics and genetic capability of the seeds that are sold. 

Overall, customers agree that Crop King Seeds is a great place to purchase seeds and have faith that your request will be delivered to you on schedule, and the seeds will be as expected – or far and away superior!

Shipping and Discretion 

They also have a shipping guarantee that ensures that if your request fails to show up, they’ll resend the seeds until it reaches you. 

They also have more than 100 physical retail locations selling their seeds across Canada and shipping worldwide from the first Crop King Seeds office in Vancouver, Canada. That is an impressive accomplishment in the realm of online seed banks! 

For those who can’t make it to one of the retail locations, the organization ships worldwide with a couple of different shipping options. 

$10 shipping is accessible to customers in Canada, The United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It costs around $30 to ship to all other countries, and this rate guarantees your delivery, even in cases of government seizure, which make up about 5% of orders. 

If your request is seized, it will be re-shipped until it is delivered successfully. 

Orders shipping within Canada will be packaged in the original Crop King packaging. Global orders will be stealth packaged, with the seeds safely concealed in random objects like pens, flashlights, or birthday cards. 

On the other hand, Crop King offer their customers an express shipping service, which includes tracking for the item. 

The price for this service ranges somewhere in the range of $30 and $60, the cost of which is resolved based on where on the planet the seeds are being delivered to. The shipping time for Crop King’s express shipping option is 5 to 7 days.

Payment Options 

The rates for the seeds sold by Crop King are generally higher than those charged for seemingly practically identical products by Crop King’s opponents. 

However, the seeds that Crop King offers are almost always more intense and reliable, and this makes them arguably preferable value for money over some less expensive varieties that you might discover.

Crop King Seeds payment methods include Bitcoin, Visa, and MasterCard. Interac E-Transfers is accessible for Canadian customers as it were. 

Although Crop King is a Canadian seed bank, all prices are displayed in US dollars and will be processed in US dollars for any request placed from outside of Canada. 

Crop King does sometimes offers exclusive discounts and promotions for subscribers to their newsletter. However, these promotions are often not excessively generous in terms of size. 

Customer Service 

The customer service at Crop King Seeds will overwhelm you. They are the driving power behind Crop King’s numerous generous customer guarantees, including their germination guarantee and their guaranteed delivery.

Crop King Seeds is generally regarded as one of the top seed banks in the industry. They consistently convey quality products, and it’s obvious that they do think about the satisfaction of their customers. 

They even have their customer guarantee, which states that they will always stand by their item, since their seeds are hand-picked, inspected, and tested to ensure that they are developed and feasible. 

These extensive guarantees are not the industry’s standard, and it shows that the individuals at Crop King Seeds are always willing to go well beyond what would have been acceptable anyway for their customers. 

There are several reasons why Crop King is favored as extraordinary compared to other seed banks out there. However, there are also limitations to their services that should be considered.

What We Like

  • The guarantee of an 80% germination rate and, failing this, will rectify the situation
  • Numerous different contact options 
  • Customer service is generally useful and brief
  • Seeds are generally high quality 
  • Ships to any country on the planet, including the USA and Canada 
  • Amazingly discreet shipping  
  • Online support talk answered by an actual human 
  • They acknowledge cash and Bitcoin for anonymous orders 
  • Devoted high-CBD strains for medicinal patients 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • The prices of Crop King’s seeds are quite often higher than other strains. 
  • The website is dated, and the design is confusing. 
  • Strain selection limited compared to other seed banks. 
  • Customer service could be better. 
  • A couple of reports of wrong seeds being shipped 

Final Verdict 

When looking for astounding quality and high-intensity seeds, it is essential to look at Crop King Seeds! The organization’s selection offers enormously great seeds with high germination rates

Best of all is the fact that these strains will give you an enormous high. Overall, the organization is truly outstanding, and our Crop King Seeds review couldn’t be more positive!

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