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Prince Edward Island is a beautiful province to live in Canada. After the legalization of cannabis, the demand for marijuana is increasing step by step. Choosing the right seeds is a tedious task. Here, in this article, you will get to know it all to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Prince Edward Island. The article also includes the laws and how to grow, possess, consume, and sell marijuana in Prince Edward Island. 

Cannabis in Canada 

Since 2001 cannabis in Canada has been legal for medicinal purposes under limitations outlined in the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Later on, replaced by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, it was issued by Health Canada and seed, grain, and fiber creation was permitted under license by Health Canada. 

The federal Cannabis Act, legalizing cannabis for recreational use, declared on October 17, 2018. Every region and territory set its own laws for various aspects, such as the legal age, whether householders can grow cannabis and the method of retail sales. 

Furthermore, look at our article on everything you have to consider about Cannabis in Canada and see how things take a turn at a federal level.

Is Marijuana Legal in Prince Edward Island 

Excise Stamp: PEI Stamp

The Government of Prince Edward Island has a responsibility and a chance to actively form the usage of the federal decision to legalize cannabis such that balances the hurdles presented by legalization as well as Islanders’ interests, circumstances, and values.

To do this, the provincial government is assessing the implications of legalization, exploring regional opportunities, gathering research, and listening to Islanders’ views. 

The essential laws and regulations that govern recreational and medically-approved cannabis use are: 

  • The Cannabis Act (connect is external)is federal legislation that applies to recreational and medically approved cannabis;
  • The Cannabis Control Act and its rules govern areas of common jurisdiction, primarily for recreational cannabis use;
  • The Cannabis Management Corporation Act and the rules set out the retail distribution and sale of recreational cannabis;
  • The Smoke-Free Places Act and its general rules. 

The following subject areas are enclosed by the provincial policy, legislation, and rules: 

Legal Age

The minimum age to buy, possess, and use recreational marijuana is 19 years of age. Under 19 years of age, users are not allowed.

Grown-up Possession

It is legal for a person more than 19 years of age to possess as much as 30 grams of cannabis (or its identical) on them when in broad daylight.

Youth Possession

The Cannabis Control Act doesn’t allow youth under 19 from possessing, consuming, or growing cannabis. The Act doesn’t allow a grown-up from sharing or providing cannabis to a person under 19. 

This Act also prevents a grown-up from allowing a person under 19 in their consideration from using marijuana. The Act permits police to seize and destroy small cannabis amounts from young individuals who are seen as breaking the laws.

Police can fine or allude a young person to a program when seen as violating the Act.

Education and Awareness Activities 

PEI is committed to a long-term money related investment in harm reduction, training, research, awareness, and observation. 

A multi-departmental Cannabis Harm Prevention Committee has been founded, driven by the Chief Public Health Office. This committee is taking care of developing and directing an interdepartmental way to counter cannabis-related health and social harms in PEI. 

The committee’s scope includes training and open awareness (including the Just the Facts campaign), surveillance and monitoring (including the PEI Cannabis Survey), policies and programs, and applied research.

The Tax Rate 

Canada’s federal government has suggested a cannabis excise charge across every area/territory of 10 percent of the item price, or $1 per gram, whichever is higher. 

The federal government will hand over 75% of excise charge income to provinces for the first two years after legalization. 

Every individual territory may apply sales charge rates of 5-15% in addition to the federal excise charge. 

Medical Cannabis 

Patients using medical marijuana are permitted to have as much as 150 grams or 5.3 ounces — 30 times the day-by-day dose prescribed by an approved health-care practitioner, either a licensed or nurse practitioner dried marijuana or its equivalent by federal law. 

Growing, Using and Selling Marijuana in Prince Edward Island 

Growing Marijuana in PEI 

Under the Cannabis Act, a family is permitted to have four cannabis plants.

In households, you may grow up to four cannabis plants one after another, regardless of the growth stage. The four plants represent for every house, not per person. 

If you’re renting, you need to get written permission from your landowner before growing cannabis. If you’re a condo owner, verify your condo bylaws. 

Growing cannabis indoors 

Places, where marijuana is grown indoors, must be inaccessible to (1) any person who has not been legitimately or by implication invited to be in the home (e.g., someone who is trespassing); and (2) any person younger than 19. 

Growing cannabis outdoors 

Cannabis grown outdoors cannot be visible from open spaces. Marijuana plants must be in an enclosure at any rate 1.52 m high that is kept bolted. 

Using Marijuana in PEI 

Cannabis use is restricted to private residences. A private home can incorporate such places as a house, a loft, a lodging, a campsite. 

On account of multi-unit residences, a landowner may prohibit cannabis use on their property but may designate an outdoor space for smoking. 

Cannabis use at residence

People above 19 can use cannabis in a private home or yard with the proprietor’s permission. If you are renting, you should check with your landlord or the fitting staff. It is not legal to use cannabis in public places.

In leased private houses, landlords may permit renters, and their guests (aged 19+) to consume cannabis on connected outdoor balconies, decks, or patios accommodated that tenant’s private use. 

In multi-unit residences, such as high rises, condos, and tourism establishments, similar to campgrounds and hotels, a person may consume on that leased space, if the proprietor/operator permits it. 

The leased or consumed space can incorporate an outdoor overhang, deck, or yard joined to that unit/room which has been accommodated the tenant’s private use, or the tenant’s guest. 

In a multi-unit dwelling, a proprietor/operator can designate an outdoor place for marijuana smoking or vaping, near the building, as long as that place is 15 feet, or more, from a passageway to the building or any outdoor air intake. 

Smoking cannabis 

The definition of ‘smoke’ under the PEI Smoke-Free Places Act has been changed to incorporate any ignited substance proposed to be smoked or vaped, including cannabis. 

Rules around recreational cannabis consumption are delineated in the Cannabis Control Act. Medically approved cannabis users must follow the regulations under the Smoke-Free Place Act.

Road Safety 

Impaired driving by any drug, including marijuana, is illegal. If you fail a regular field sobriety test, you could face provincial and criminal charges and fines. 

There will be additional charges and penalties if you drive impaired with a minor in the vehicle. 

You are not allowed to drive any vehicle while consuming marijuana. When you are driving, marijuana must be far off to the driver. Cannabis can’t be used by passengers either.

You can not drive while impaired by any drug, including marijuana, which is illegal. Drivers who have used marijuana are up to six times more liable to get into a motor vehicle crash than drivers who are not impaired.

Driving while impaired will prompt similar fines and charges as alcoholic driving.

A grown-up cannot consume marijuana on the pontoon or motor vehicles. However, exceptions are there for any significant bearing for yachts and motor vehicles that qualify as a private house when docked.

Selling Marijuana in PEI 

Cannabis is just sold from government-claimed retail stores and through a government-possessed web-based business site. This is strictly regulated by the federal government. 

Provincial legislation restricts retail sales to the PEI Cannabis Management Corporation through PEI Cannabis stores and online stores. If you are buying recreational marijuana from another source, you are buying it illegally.

Medically approved cannabis users can keep on buying from the licensed producer that they are registered with, or may keep on growing their own.

In the stores, cannabis won’t be displayed on shelves. Instead, customers will use tablets to make their selections, or they will consult with an assistant.

They will also no be allowed to touch the item, although sniff jars will be accessible to allow customers to smell and analyze the cannabis through a magnifying glass. 

About 50 employees across the four stores will be certified and prepared for four to six weeks each, so they would have the option to advise customers based upon the experience the buyers are seeking. The government has contracted with about twelve suppliers. 

Buying the Best Marijuana Seeds in Prince Edward Island 

The Prince Edward Island Cannabis Management Corporation supervises the activity of four cannabis retail stores and an e-commercial platform.

A range of item types and active ingredient concentrations are ready to be sold. Retail sites are situated in Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague, and the fourth area in O’Leary were relied upon to open in pre-winter 2018. 

Every area has a proper distance from schools, has the required security elements and ventilation systems, and meets all the demands in the request for proposals.

Additionally, an online sales channel provides all PEI residents, age 19+, with a safe, secure, and advantageous approach to purchase cannabis products legally.

Popular Strains 


Lowryder performs better in cold Canadian climates over most marijuana varieties, and this auto-flowering midget (topping out at 16 inches tall) is prepared in just 40-45 days.

This strain is a short, stocky Sativa that has a pungent fragrance of sweet citrus and earth, and it offers stimulating, uplifting sensations to both body and brain. 

Blue Dynamite 

Blue Dynamite, bred by Next Generation Seeds in Canada, is an Indica-predominant strain that provides substantial psyche and body unwinding alongside a fruity, hashy flavor.

This powerhouse Indica was bred from a BC Grapefruit clone known as Dynamite and an Afghani-Blueberry hybrid called Avalon. 

Combining the flavorful qualities of Dynamite with the resinous potential Avalon enables, you’re left with an intense strain that can budge even the most stubborn cases of pain, nausea, and sleeplessness.

High Times recognized Blue Dynamite among its Top 10 Strains of 2007, solidifying a reputation that keeps this strain immovably set in the cannabis showcase.

The Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Prince Edward Island 

PEI Cannabis 

The Prince Edward Island Cannabis Management Corporation (PEICMC), under the branded name PEI Cannabis, is responsible for the distribution and sale of grown-up use cannabis in PEI, in partnership with the PEI Liquor Control Commission (PEILCC), and under the authority of the Cannabis Control Act. 

They are committed to keeping marijuana out of the hands of people younger than 19, educating residents about the health risks and regulations associated with cannabis use, and eliminating the illegal cannabis market. 

As a retailer focused on upholding its regulatory obligations and encouraging responsible consumption, they focus on investing in initiatives that advance the responsible use and mitigating all consumption risks identified with general health and safety. 

The four retail stores on PEI staff members are a highly prepared and engaged group that gives the data to their valued customers that they have to make the right choices. 

Closing Thought 

To conclude, we can say that buying the best marijuana seeds has become easy with the reliable sources available near you. We hope this article will help you make the right choice of marijuana seeds for you.

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