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After October 17, the flow of buying cannabis increased rapidly. Buying marijuana is now comfortable with various sources available online and in the neighborhood. For beginners or those who are not aware of federal laws, we’re here to help! In this article, you will find everything you need to know to Buy Marijuana Seeds in the Northwest Territories.

The article includes information on the regulations in Northwest Territories for Possessing, Growing, Consuming, and Selling cannabis. This article also contains the details of some of the popular strains and where to buy them.

Cannabis Act in Canada

The government of Canada has legalized cannabis on October 17, 2018, onwards. For those who still didn’t get it, if we say it in simple terms, the Cannabis Act is a set of rules to tell us how, when, and where to use cannabis.

The rules are formed in such a way that it controls the production, distribution, and consumption of cannabis in Canada.

These regulations are set so that the government can stop it from falling into the wrong hands since such kind of cannabis can be harmful to public health.

The laws are generally the same in each province, but the provincial governments are free to add their own limitations regarding possession age, possession limit, and growing cannabis at home.

Is Marijuana Legal in Northwest Territories

Excise Stamp: NWT Stamp

Yes, marijuana is legal in the Northwest Territories. On October 17, 2018. Cannabis was declared legal in Canada and the Northwest Territories.

The provincial government has set up regulations on minimum age, growing, consuming, selling, and buying cannabis in Northwest Territories.

Age Limit

The minimum age to buy, possess, and utilize cannabis in the Northwest Territories is 19.

It is also similar to the legal age for drinking, creating a consistent and unified way to restrict youth access, and keeping young people healthy and safe.

Possessing, Growing, Selling, and Using Marijuana in Northwest Territories

Possessing Marijuana in NWT

In the Northwest Territories, people over 19 are permitted to contain up to 30 grams of dried marijuana or the equivalent in public areas. Residents of NWT under the age of 19 are not authorized to purchase or consume any marijuana.

While in a means of transportation, cannabis products must be in closed packaging and not within reach of the vehicle driver or occupants.

Growing Marijuana in NWT

The Residential Tenancies Act was revised in the Northwest Territories’ cannabis legislation. The rules came into effect on June 1, 2018, setting new standards relating to the smoking and growing cannabis in rental units.

People will be able to grow up to four plants at their place of residence for private use under the Federal Cannabis Act. No matter how many grown-ups live in the house, there cannot be more than four plants.

If a landlord does not want a resident to grow cannabis in a rental premise, they have the right to report existing tenants in writing that cultivation is prohibited in the rental units.

Any tenancy contracts signed after June 1, 2018, must include this prohibition if the landlord plans to ban cannabis cultivation in the unit.

If a tenant has repeatedly broken smoke-free rules contained in a tenancy agreement, and approaching the tenant directly has not fixed the matter, the landlord can give the tenant at least ten days’ written notice to end the tenancy agreement.

If the tenant refuses to move, the landlord can request a rental officer to ask for an eviction order.

Selling Marijuana in NWT

Given the short time frame to legalization, the NWT Liquor Commission has to make sure that retail infrastructure is in place to support the sale of cannabis in a regulated environment.

For this reason, marijuana was only available through NWT liquor stores and online in the beginning.

The Cannabis Products Act allows for the establishment of private marijuana retailer stores in areas across the NWT, provided that these retailers must fulfill the set of established criteria.

These criteria have been finalized around December 2018. After requirements have been formed, private retailers can constitutionally apply for a license to sell cannabis. 

Using Marijuana in NWT

Cannabis utilization in the NWT is restricted to:

  • The private property where smoking tobacco is permitted;
  • On tracks or roadways while not operating a vehicle; and
  • Parks, when they are not open to a public appearance.

Smoking or vaping cannabis is strictly banned in places frequented by kids, such as playgrounds, school grounds or sports fields, and outdoor events.

Local governments have the right to make and implement their own bylaws that add to the GNWT’s rules on public consumption of marijuana.

NWT areas without an existing cannabis store have options for restricting or banning cannabis by holding a referendum.

Medical Cannabis

By federal legislation, patients using medical cannabis are authorized to contain up to 150 grams, or 5.3 ounces 30 times the daily dose as prescribed by a licensed health-care practitioner of dried cannabis or its equivalent.

In Canada, Medical Cannabis is administered by The Cannabis Act, which controls both medical and recreational cannabis use. 

Before this framework, which started on October 17, 2018, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) was the governing framework guiding medical cannabis for patients anywhere in Canada. 

Medicinal cannabis legislation is for every region in Canada, which means that every province abides by the same laws for medical cannabis patients.

Smoking Cannabis

Landlords have the power to set rules to preserve the health and safety of their tenants and the property. Rules and terms of the tenancy contract must not conflict with federal or provincial laws.

Landlords can prohibit smoking in all or a few parts of the residence (for example, common areas, outdoor balconies, units, and patios). Tenants who want to stay in a building where smoking is forbidden in all areas should discuss this with prospective landowners and should make sure that it is involved in their tenant agreement.

Road Safety

Cannabis usage in vehicles will not be granted, and there are fines for driving while impaired.

In addition to facing possible charges under the Criminal Code, drivers in the NWT driver’s license can be suspended if they do the following:

  • Fail a Standardized Field Sobriety Test which is also known as physical coordination examinations
  • Fail in an evaluation by a Drug Recognition Expert; or
  • Refuse to do the analysis or assessment without having a decent excuse

Particular types of drivers can have their driver’s license seized if they are found to be driving with any amount of alcohol or banned drugs in their system, specifically:

  • If you are younger than 22 years of age;
  • A person with a learner’s driver’s license or a probationary driver’s license
  • If you drive certain types of commercial transportations.

Cannabis in a vehicle must be sealed or be kept at a place where it is out of the hands of the driver and any passengers.

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles has been given the authority to publish some motor vehicles and driving‐related records to law enforcement firms when required for law enforcement objectives.

Cannabis at Work Place

In the Northwest Territories, many companies have rules and programs that address workplace impairment and keep their employees safe.

The Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission is amending its regulations and promoting educational materials and tools to help workers and employers in understanding their responsibilities under those regulations.

Buying the Best Marijuana Seeds in Northwest Territories

Safe and legal marijuana is only accessible for sale in the NWT through NTLCC-approved vendors and/or the NTLCC online store.

Although the federal government proposed cannabis to be sold in stand-alone stores, exceptions were made for rural regions.

The Government of the Northwest Territories chose to co-locate cannabis in liquor stores because the stores had the existing local infrastructure to manage cannabis sales.

There are currently seven liquor stores in Yellowknife, Hay River, Fort Simpson, Inuvik, Fort Smith, and Norman Wells.

Adults over 19 years of age can buy cannabis at the NWT local liquor stores. The NWT Liquor & Cannabis Commission’s website is the only legal recourse for purchase marijuana online in the NWT.

Customers are allowed to buy a maximum of 30 grams, or 1.06 ounces, of dried cannabis in a single purchase or equivalents in fresh cannabis and cannabis oils. 

Only cannabis oil, fresh or dried cannabis and seeds will be available for sale. NWT residents can only purchase legal cannabis products online from the NTLCC or from some licensed NWT Liquor Stores.

Consumers in areas without a liquor store will be able to order products from a liquor store or cannabis store in the NWT. The product would then be directly shipped to the buyer. It is the same way the Liquor Commission currently delivers the mail order.

This delivery system has controls in place to defend against bootlegging and access by minors, including the following requirements:

  • The customer must be a resident of the Northwest Territories who is 19 years or older. The buyer must give identification that includes the date of birth, current location, and sample signature.
  • Customer orders must be placed in writing, including a method of payment and directions for shipment, and the customer has to sign them.
  • Stores will check orders with the identification provided and verify that the customer is 19 years or above; does not reside in an area by a liquor store, and the cannabis order is not being shipped to a city where cannabis is forbidden.
  • Payment should be made before the product is shipped.
  • Each order will be packaged and sent separately to the purchaser by a common carrier at the address given on the identification provided by the purchaser.
  • The receiver must sign the received shipment.

Popular Strains

Alien Dawg

Coming from Northern California and Afghanistan genetics, Alien Dawg is a hybrid of Alien Technology and Chemdawg.

With a sour and pungent smell, Alien Dawg has a light, bitter flavor and offers brilliant mind and body effects.

Alien Dawg is not suggested for beginners. It will generate a fantastic high that can leave you amazingly relaxed but not sleepy. However, if you take Alien Dawg an hour before moving to the bed, it might help you stay asleep because of its anti-anxiety and meditative effects.

Due to its relaxing qualities, the primary medicinal use of Alien Dawg is for anxiety, but it also helps with nerve pain, seizures, PMS, and migraines.

Canaca Mango

Canaca Mango is one of the most popular strains in NWT. It is a strain that originated in the ’60s, most recently blended with KC33.

Canaca Mango’s aromatic and flavor profile originates from a high terpene content of myrcene, which can also be found in mango fruit.

Mango from Canaca offers a mid-high level of THC (17% -19%) with practically no CBD content. The buds of this varietal feature reddish-purple hues and fragrances of fruit and spice.

At Canaca, they’re proud to do something they believe in. Canaca’s plants are bred in British Columbia and expertly cultivated in Ontario for homegrown, down-to-earth quality that’s enjoyed across Canada.

The Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Northwest Territories


The Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission (NTLCC) is the only legal source to buy cannabis products. It is a regulated government commission that controls the distribution of liquor and marijuana to make sure that NWT residents have safe and legal access to alcohol and marijuana.

The website functionality of NTLCC is excellent. The products are provided category wise so that you get exactly what you have asked for. Along with buying cannabis online, you can also find the addresses for a legal store near you.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, all we can conclude that cannabis is a versatile substance, but you have to follow the laws to enjoy the most of it. We have provided the essential details to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Northwest Territories. 

We hope that it might help you in picking up the right strain and make your purchase easier. For more articles on Cannabis, Click Here.

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