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After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, more and more people are buying marijuana seeds and their products. Those who would prefer not to purchase products cultivate their own plants at home. But, picking the right strain is not easy. We’re here to support you! In this article, you will get all the necessary details to Buy Marijuana Seeds is Alberta. So, read on!

Cannabis in Canada 

Cannabis is the second most usually used substance in Canada after liquor. On October 17, 2018, Canada turned into the second country in the world to legalize and control the sale and usage of cannabis and cannabis products.

Understanding the impacts of marijuana is essential to limit the risks and harms and boost its benefits.

The federal government authorised legislation to legalize cannabis in Canada. Provinces and territories are allowed to decide how to adjust to the law. To know more, click here.

Is Marijuana Legal in Alberta 

Excise Stamp: Alberta Stamp

The Alberta Cannabis Framework outlines the four approach priorities for cannabis legalization in our province: 

  • Keeping marijuana out of the reach of kids and youth 
  • Protecting safety on roads, in workplaces, and open spaces 
  • Protecting general health 
  • Limiting the illegal market for cannabis 

Cannabis is legal in Alberta, but: 

  • Only if you’re 18+ 
  • Only from licensed stores or 
  • 30 grams is the most you can purchase or convey at once 
  • you can’t consume in some open places – know your nearby laws 
  • Just four plants can be grown per household 
  • Driving high is illegal 
  • It can’t be within reach of anybody in a vehicle 
  • Edibles are allowed, but it will take some time before they are ready to sale
  • Kids can’t enter cannabis stores, even with a grown-up

Possessing, Growing, Using, Selling Marijuana in Alberta 

Possessing Marijuana in Alberta 

Adults more than 18 can possess as much as 30 grams (or what could be compared to extract, palatable or topical) of cannabis in an open place under the federal possession limit. 

When marijuana is kept in a vehicle, it must be secured in closed packaging and not within reach of any occupants. 

Young individuals — those under the legal age of 18 — are not allowed to buy or possess any cannabis. 

Youth who possess 5 grams or less won’t be charged criminally (which could negatively affect their future) but will be subject to taking over the marijuana, informing parents or guardians, and penalties similar to those for underage possession of liquor or tobacco.

Growing Marijuana in Alberta 

Under federal legislation, you can grow up to 4 plants for each household from seeds purchased from licensed cannabis retailers. 

Renters, condo-dwellers, and people who live in multi-family residences may not be allowed to grow cannabis in their homes based on rules in tenant contracts or townhouse bylaws.

The government is working on teaching landlords, renters, and apartment suite boards on the options accessible to them. 

Using Marijuana in Alberta 

Albertans are allowed to use cannabis in single-family houses and locations where their municipality allows.

Renters, townhouse dwellers, and those who live in multi-family dwellings might be restricted from using marijuana in their homes based on regulation established in tenant contracts or apartment suite bylaws.

Consuming marijuana in cars and motor vehicles, except for those being used as a brief residence (such as a left RV). 

Rules for consumption shift across municipalities, so it depends upon users to know the laws of the municipality they’re in. 

To secure kids and limit second-hand exposure, open smoking or vaping of cannabis is prohibited in the same places tobacco is restricted, plus: 

  • On any hospital property, school property, or baby care facility property in or within a prescribed distance from:
  • A playground
  • A sports or playing field
  • A skateboard or bike park
  • A zoo 
  • An outdoor theater 
  • An outdoor pool or splash mat

Cannabis consumption is not permitted at any cannabis retail outlet. Provincial laws have established various consequences when cannabis is consumed openly or a vehicle, including fines and other administrative penalties. 

Cannabis Products 

Federal legislation policies allow for legally-purchased dried cannabis (pre-rolls or item), oils, plant seeds, fresh cannabis, capsules. 

Albertans can use purchased seeds to grow up to four plants for every household, but live plants are not available for sale. 

Commercially-prepared edibles are not legal during the initial stage of legalization. They’ll be made accessible from a provincially-licensed retailer once the federal government has created regulations for edibles, and the province has actualized distribution. 

Home-made edibles, such as baking or teas, are allowed for personal use for those who are 18 or older.

Creams that contain cannabis won’t be legal under the proposed recreational federal legislation policies, and there are no plans to legalize them as of now. 

Road Safety 

Driving while impaired, whether by liquor, cannabis, or other drugs, is serious wrongdoing and puts everybody’s safety at risk. 

Drug-impaired driving is not allowed, with the same consequences as driving while impaired by liquor. New impaired driving laws are currently in effect. 

Education will also continue to be a significant part of the strategy to address drug-impaired driving.

Selling Marijuana in Alberta 

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission keeps a vigilant gaze over the gaming, alcohol, and cannabis industries here in Alberta, developing policies and programs that advance responsible use.

They promise to ensure responsible gaming, alcohol, and cannabis choices that convey financial and social benefits to Albertans. 

They’re committed to keeping cannabis out of the hands of youngsters and teens, protecting general health, promoting safety, and limiting the illegal marijuana advertise.

By adhering to these principles, they will keep on offering choices Albertans can trust.

When it comes to cannabis, the AGLC also regulates the distribution and private retail licensing and operates Alberta’s online cannabis store – appropriately named Licensed retailers are the leading stores that can sell marijuana seeds or products.

These stores cannot sell cannabis if they also sell liquor, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals. Cannabis retailers might be open from 10 am to 2 am, the same as alcohol stores, and are subject to extensive security requirements. 

Staff members who work at cannabis stores must be 18 years of age, undergo a background check, and comprehensive mandatory AGLC training through a program called Sell Safe.

This 4 to 6-hour course is similar to the one employees working with gaming and alcohol must finish. 

Buying the Best Marijuana Seeds in Alberta 

Cannabis is only allowed to purchase at an AGLC licensed retail location or online through

Buying from another place or person is illegal and subject to fines and/or court proceedings unless you have medical approval. 

AGLC operates online sales of recreational cannabis to ensure cannabis stays out of the hands of minors. It means all other online sale sites are illegal.

The Canadian cannabis underground market has been a rewarding exchange for some – estimated at over $8 billion out of a study published by Deloitte. 

Experts accept that the bootleg market may blur the following legalization, as the benefits of a regulated item outweigh the risks of the illegal market.

Albertans have two options for purchasing legal cannabis: 

  • Secretly run retail locations 
  • AGLC-worked online sales 

Physical stores are subject to government rules and AGLC licensing terms, as described previously. 

Buyers are limited to 30 grams (or what might be compared to extract, eatable, or topical) of marijuana per transaction, which is also the legal open possession limit.

Consumer training will be installed in the retail of marijuana, and retail outlets will display purpose of-purchase signage and other enlightening materials to assist customers with making responsible choices. 

Online sales and home delivery are just accessible through a single website worked by the AGLC at No other online sales or distribution is allowed. 

This is in accordance to concerns raised by Albertans about the requirement for strict power over age verification during the sale and at the hour of delivery.

It also gives Albertans trust in their purchases, as there is a single online source for recreational cannabis. 

Though cannabis cafes and lounges won’t be permitted on October 17, 2018, the legislation also gives the permission to regulate these forms of establishments should the government allow them in the near future. 

The federal and provincial governments are working with licensed producers to ensure pricing is competitive, in an offer to discourage competition with the underground market.

Popular Strains 

Sweet Tooth 

Sweet Tooth is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with a sweet and delightful taste.

Various attributes are a delicious yet subtle berry and flowery tastes to the sugar crystals frosting the buds; the Sweet Tooth strain is simply covered in snowy trichomes. Indeed, even the scent of Sweet Tooth is pleasant and flowery. 

While the strain is definitely Indica predominant, the dash of Sativa helps keep the user clear when used in moderation. It is advisable to consume Sweet Tooth at night time or on a lazy day with nothing arranged. 


The truth that no one really knows where it originated from or how it was made is just one reason why individuals get more curious to attempt it.

Without a doubt, theories have emerged as to its origin, but no one can really profess to have all the rights to the making of this strain. 

Chemo is an exceptionally rare strain that has complex genetics. Although a popular theory includes a person named Dr. Suzuki is said to have built up this strain in the late 60s to 70s at the University of British Columbia. Thus, Chemo is usually referred to as UBC Chemo. 

If you like the smell of nature and the outdoors, you might discover that Chemo’s fragrance is exceptionally pleasing to the senses.

Its smell reminds you of the fragrance of pungent scent of pine and earth joined.

The Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Alberta 

As discussed above, you would now be able to purchase cannabis seeds straightforwardly from the Alberta Government. 

Seeds have long been accessible to purchase online from various sources, be it not totally legal. You must be cautious before using such sources to make your purchase.

The government’s online cannabis retail website offers high-quality seeds if you need to purchase your seeds from a legitimate source. 

Closing Thought 

We have tried to give you all the necessary details regarding cannabis in Alberta. This will assist you to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Alberta. 

In the wake of going through this article, you will have the option to pick the right decision for your purchase. Knowing the laws while purchasing marijuana seeds makes it much more manageable. So, whom would you say you are waiting for? Go for it!

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