Best Canadian Seed Banks Review

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best Canadian seed banksIn this article, we are reviewing the best Canadian seed banks, providing you with our choice of the top 10 seed bank in your country – Canada.

We’ve pulled together all the data you need to know about each seed bank.

Including what they sell, where they ship to, delivery times, and modes of payment accepted.

This helpful seed bank guide is a great place to start if you are thinking about growing your cannabis.

When it comes to purchasing marijuana seeds, you want to make sure you get the cream of the crop.

A quality seed that will grow into a healthy and robust cannabis plant.

Seeds don’t come cheap, so you want to be confident that you are purchasing from a trusted website before handing over your cash.

Best Canadian Seed Banks

1. Cropkingseeds

2. True North Seed Bank

3. Dr. Seeds Seed Bank

4. Canadian Seed Bank 

5. BC Bud Depot Seed Bank

6. Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank 

7. Vancouver Seed Bank 

8. i49 Seed Bank

9. British Columbia Seeds Seed Bank 

10. Toronto Seed Bank 

Canadian Seed Banks Reviews

If you’re looking for Canadian seed banks, look no further:

We’ve scanned a number of top seed banks in Canada and gathered the essential bits of information.

Just the things you’d need to know before deciding whether or not to place the order.

1. Crop King Seeds – Top Seed Bank of Canada

They have been in the cannabis seeds industry since 2005 and have advanced significantly from being a one-representative organization shipping from an apartment to being a full-scale marijuana seed brand that is sold in more than 300 stores across Canada. 

Crop King Seeds, established in 2005, has been improving the genetics of the cannabis plant for medical and business growers seeking the most extreme results in THC levels and harvest size. 

From classic strains to new age hybrids, Their seeds are perfect for beginners and advanced growers wanting the best from their crop. It is also the editor’s choice for high-quality seeds.


Crop King Seeds is progressively expanding, with more than 40 strains accessible in the line-up. More cannabis strains will be presented soon as the organization is investing time and money in breeding new strains.

Crop King has the best marijuana strains available to be purchased for large yields, for high THC contents, high CBD, and various varieties of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis strains ideal for any growing marijuana condition (e.g., Indoor, Outdoor, Hydroponics, and some other growing methods you are using). They also convey regular, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds.

At Crop King Seeds, They value the quality. The seeds are inspected, tested, and handpicked to be developed and suitable. Each strain differs somewhat in size, shape, and shading. 


Crop King Seeds ships within Canada that accompany a catalog and the state-of-the-workmanship pot seed packaging. They also ship cannabis seeds to customers from the United States and around the globe.

Payment Methods

They have the best prices for marijuana seeds with discounts and other promos, which will let you grow and harvest the best weed plants. 

Crop King Seeds offer stealthy delivery methods to all countries, and their private payment system allows you to pay for your weed seeds request using Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoins, Money Orders, Cash, and Money Transfer.

You are assured of full security and protection when you place your order from this seed bank, either by telephone, chat or through the website.

Customer Care

Crop King Seeds begins by searching the planet for the best strains and breeders. Their goal is to locate the highest yielding marijuana plants from all parts of the globe. The customer service group is prepared to support you, all day, every day.

To know more about Crop King Seeds, click here.

2. True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is notable for delivering quality seeds at reasonable prices. They also offer a lot of great promotions, including 20% off on your next order, if you join their mailing list and free seeds with each request you make. 

The sale of medical cannabis seeds is something that True North Seed Bank takes seriously, so it’s truly exceptional on the planet. Their collection of seeds will take you to paradise.


It has a wide assortment of marijuana seeds and aims always to sell the best and purest in the market. 

They have some of the most prestigious seed breeders on the planet. This way, they spare no exertion and have the best, in Canada or on an international level.

From True North Seed Bank, you can get your hands on regular seeds, feminized seeds, automatics, and fantastic new hybrid strains that are hot off the press.

They keep seeds no longer than six months in stock; after this, they will be discarded. This organizational strategy is attractive for the customers; they don’t need to stress over a lower pop percentage off the seeds. 

They also offer a wide assortment of hybrid seeds. Moreover, they provide great seeds with a pleasant taste. The details of the seeds are clarified quite well.


The first and best reason to purchase at TNSB is that they ship with stealth. It is an excellent asset because more and more customers from countries with strict regulations also need marijuana seeds. 

It may involve time before these countries will see the benefits and also legalize weed and related products. 

Payment Methods

True North does offer a wide assortment of payment methods, including Credit Cards, and Bitcoin. 

Customer Care

There is a lot of choices here, and their flawless customer service is worth mentioning. The seed bank offers excellent customer service and is available for more than five years now. They are a legit organization that you can call on working days and email.

Learn more about True North Seed Bank here.

3. Dr. Seeds Seed Bank

Dr. Seeds is on a smaller scale than some of the other seed banks here but still has a wide range of strains for you to choose from. If you’re starting your cannabis growing tour, there’s an entire section on easy-to-grow cannabis seeds.

Guaranteed delivery at Dr. Seeds means that if your package doesn’t show up, they’re happy to replace it for free. There are a lot of guides and free assistance on their website, including how to grow cannabis in soil and Rockwool.

The website also has some great appeal on the most proficient method to start growing if you are a beginner.


They have a wide selection of feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and seeds that have high CBD levels. 

Each tin contains five seeds, and all tins are $50. In the menu, the strains are organized into three sections: feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and CBD strains.

They have a large collection of seeds, ranging from medical cannabis with high amounts of CBD, regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds.

The best selling strains at Dr. Seeds are some very well-known picks like Granddaddy Purple, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and Bruce Banner. 


There is no way from shipping options, which countries are prohibited, or even the costs. 

While going ahead with a false checkout, it appears for shipping to the USA, you can choose between six different choices, with price tags varying from just under $10 to over $80. Similar options are accessible to the other countries in the drop-down menu. 

Payment Methods

Dr. Seed bank hosts various payment methods like Visa card, MasterCard, American Express, and Bank transfer. Current methods of payment are Interac e-transfer or Bitcoin. 

Customer Care

It is also worth keeping an eye out for Dr. Seed’s promotions as they much of the time offer Flash Sales, where you can grab three tins of seeds at the cost of 2. 

Dr. Seeds is a great place to purchase quality seeds at reasonable prices. Dr. Seeds seed bank’s customer care is fast and responsive. They also offer various guides, which will be a blessing for new growers.

To visit the website click here.

4. Canadian Seed Bank 

This Canadian seed bank is called the Canadian Seed Bank. Canadian Seed Bank is in the seed market for more than 20 years, and since then has grown into a very much respected and notable supplier of quality seeds to tens of thousands of delighted customers.

Canadian Seed Bank specializes in the exchange of medical seeds. Importing, stocking, and supplying hemp seed is excluded from regulation under the 1961 U.N. Single Convention on opiate drugs and subsidiary universal treaties.


They guarantee the sprouting of their seeds and also accepts returns. They are specialized in providing their customers with superior marijuana strains/seeds, delivered by professional growers in the ‘pot-opia’ that is British Columbia, Canada. 

The strains are efficient under headings such as Indica, Sativa, Indoor, Outdoor, or both, top 12, mass, specials, and “kush.” 

Canadian Seed Bank stocks seeds of high-quality, superior strains, and offers a selection of marijuana seeds suitable for medical users. 

They test their marijuana seeds regularly for germination rates and to ensure the greatest yields. All of their marijuana seeds are hand-checked, named, and sealed for freshness to ensure you get simply the best quality seeds and service.


Shipping is $15 for all orders, and free for orders over $160. Orders are sent through CanadaPost with tracking. This kind of monitoring works for Canada, though – after crossing an outskirt, it becomes usual mail.

You can get in touch with the Canadian Seed Bank about other shipping arrangements, such as an upgrade to registered mail (worldwide) as well as DHL or UPS, which they are happy to suit. 

Payment Methods

They are committed to giving their customers, the highest quality cannabis seeds, at the lowest possible prices on the Internet. 

They are still accepting Interac eTransfers, Bank/International/Western U./MoneyGram Transfers, Bitcoins, and other Cryptocurrencies, or discreetly mailing Cash, Check, or Money Order.

Customer Care

This Canadian Seed Bank has a specific corner featuring twelve diverse kush strains! Liking and following them on Facebook presents certain privileges, such as coupons. All packages are sent discreetly. Package Tracking Comes FREE for all Canadians! 

The website has a comparison feature, which is fantastic. Shockingly, because of the little data per strain, it isn’t pervasive, primarily you can compare the rating and what number of seeds are in stock.

Visit the website of Canadian Seed Bank here.

5. BC Bud Depot Seed Bank

For a considerable amount of time, BC Bud Depot has given great crops and has helped numerous who required cannabis seeds for medical or therapeutic purposes at truly reasonable prices. 

BC Bud Depot is the proud owner of one of the most comprehensive marijuana seed banks far and wide. They build up their strains to ensure that their customers just get the highest quality plants from their purchases. 

From traditional breeds to new hybrids, there are seeds to suit all tastes and needs within this Canadian seed bank. 

BC Bud Depot Seed Bank has a considerable measure of assortment with a great deal of “Cannabis Cup” winner strains, allowing you to purchase the seeds and grow your own at home. 

One of the awards that were given was for being the most comprehensive cannabis seed bank in the whole world. 


In addition to their bottomless selection of seeds, BC Bud Depot also sells seeds from other quality brands, including DNA Genetics, Scorpion Crew, and Soma Seeds. 

They deliver around the world, and all deliveries come in discreet packaging. For the quality of the products, the prices aren’t awful either. 

They also guarantee each delivery, so if your seeds go missing in the mail, they will send you another bundle over. 

BC Bud Depot has a decent quantity of strains, but browsing for specifics such as high THC, high CBD, Indica or Sativa is not possible. 

This makes it a bit harder to limit the search, and it makes us embrace the website design of others.

Some of the seed bank’s most well-known strains are the cannabis consumer’s favorites like Cinderella 99, B.C. Blueberry, BC Cheese, and the notorious B.C. God Bud.


You can place your request and wait calmly for your package to show up, as BC Bud Depot sells seeds from Canada to the world with fast and discreet delivery. 

This bank has seeds granted for greatness, and, as we referenced previously, they can send your products to anyplace on the planet. 

It is always considering if the country in which it is sent to allows the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons and self-consumption or not. It must be a country where the consumption of this substance is entirely legal.

Payment Methods

You can order securely online with a credit card or with cash or money request payments via mail.

Customer Care

If your seeds get lost, damaged, or confiscated, BC Bud Depot will re-send them. Another impressive Canadian seed bank to offer guaranteed delivery of seeds! 

While Crop King Seeds offers the choice between less expensive shipping without guarantee and express shipping with guaranteed delivery starting at $30 for most countries, at BC Bud Depot, the guarantee is “free,” but the default shipping charge starts at $35 outside of Canada.

Explore more from their website here.

6. Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank 

Montreal Cannabis Seeds have been in the game for five years and have earned great respect amongst expert growers thanks to their devotion to providing quality marijuana seeds and their commitment to promoting legal change around cannabis in Canada. 

The thing that makes this organization extraordinary compared to other Canadian seed banks is that they choose simply the best and healthy plants to deliver seeds. Regardless of if you grow commercially or for personal use, you will always be satisfied. 


All of their seeds are handpicked and tested for maturity and viability before they are shipped. Plus, they offer a guarantee of germination on all seeds, so if your seeds don’t germinate, you can get some replacements.

You will discover a range of famous strains on their seed bank website that comes from an assortment of prize-winning cannabis breeders.

At this seed bank, you’ll find the usual seeds like auto-flowering, feminized, regular, and strains that are high in CBD for medical purposes. They even stock seeds that have a 1:1 THC to CBD proportion. 

This seed bank’s breeders are some of the finest on the planet, and here you’ll discover famous breeders such as Digital Genetics, G13 Labs, Jordan of the Islands, and Royal Queen Seeds. 

Regardless of whether you grow cannabis flowers commercially or for recreational use, Montreal Cannabis Seeds handpicks their seeds and strains from generous plants. They sell top-end cannabis strains like Purple Kush, Gorilla Glue, Royal Cheese, Northern Lights, and Cream Mandarine.


Within Canada, it takes 2 – 7 business days for delivery, depending on your region. Remote areas are as long as seven days. Large cities and cities closer to Montreal can take  2 – 5 days. The regular shipping cost is $10.

Shipping is accessible worldwide and can take as long as two weeks to reach you. Furthermore, shipping is going to set you back $10 per request, but the great thing is that everything is discreetly packed and won’t show any signs of cannabis.

Payment Methods

They accept Bank Transfer, Cash, Check, Master Card, Money Orders, Visa.

Customer Care

All their seeds are selected and packed separately manually, so we can ensure that they meet theirs and your requirements. 

They also offer free cannabis seeds with each request. The customer care is open from Monday To Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Learn more about Montreal Cannabis Seeds here.

7. Vancouver Seed Bank 

Situated in downtown Vancouver, this seed bank sells a wide assortment of seeds to suit all tastes. Only selling seeds from the best growers and brands, you can be sure about making your purchase with these guys. 

Plus, they need their customers to be 100% satisfied, so if you are not happy with your seeds, you can get a full discount or exchange seeds for a different strain.


Vancouver Seed Bank has a staging collection of more than 200 strains, they’re reliable and trustworthy, and with such a diverse measure of strains, there’s something for everybody. 

Some of their most well-known strains are Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights, Skunk #1, Amnesia, and Strawberry Cheese. 

We noticed that Vancouver Seed Bank offers its customers 35 different types of fast-growing outdoor cannabis seeds. 

These seeds will grow at a faster rate than regular cannabis seeds, and they’re specifically for cultivation in outdoor weather conditions. 


Vancouver Seed Bank ships most of their seeds anyplace in the world, but some of their seed species are restricted from shipment to certain specific countries. 

Shipping is 100% guaranteed, and if your request does not show up, they will attempt again. If it still doesn’t come, they will discount the whole offer. 

Payment Methods

They can accept payment by email transfer, money request, or bitcoin. Try not to stress if you’re not satisfied with your application, Vancouver Seed Bank will give you a full discount if you’re not completely happy with your request. 

Furthermore, if 80% of your seeds don’t germinate, they’ll give you a free exchange.

Customer Service

They offer an 80% germination guarantee as long as you adhere to their helpful germination instructions. 

Vancouver Seed Bank is an expert in what they do, and if you can’t discover the strain you are looking for on their site, they can source it for you on request. With this sort of customer service, you really can’t go wrong! 

Not able to discover the strain that you need on their website? Get in contact with Vancouver Seed Bank, and they’ll make a specific order, just for you.

Explore more about Vancouver Seed Bank here.

8. i49 Seed Bank

This seed bank is relatively new to the scene, but that doesn’t imply that it should be ignored. I49 offers a vast mix of cannabis seeds that are suitable for indoor and outdoor growing

The founders of I49 seed banks have a profound understanding of cannabis culture and the overall industry. As one of Canada’s more up to date seed banks, they have caused a ripple effect by providing high-quality cannabis seeds, paired with super speedy delivery and exceptional customer service.

They have a diverse mixture of new marijuana strains that will suit beginners and expert growers. They are offering feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and seeds that are high in CBD, there is something for everybody. 


With a wide variety of strains, I49 Seed Bank has an excellent selection of feminized, regular, auto-flowering, and high CBD strains. 

The main categories of seeds that i49 seed bank deals with are Cannabis seeds, the USA, Feminized seeds, AUTO seeds, and CBD seeds. 

Whether you’re planning on growing your seeds outdoors or indoors, you can arrange it directly from their website. Each seed is chosen subsequently after undergoing rigorous testing to ensure it delivers the anticipated yield.


I49 offers a variety of shipping options within Canada, ranging from Canadian Regular Post with no tracking ($22) to FedEx Express with tracking ($85). 

They also provide sample packs with the help of that you can evaluate new seeds and be more accustomed to growing different strains. 

Payment Methods

You can order from I49 seeds with different payment methods. They are extremely generous in providing information about the payment. 

If you transfer the money by wire transfer, for instance, they will inform you as soon as the payment has arrived at their office. 

Bitcoin is done within a couple of moments, and they are discrete with credit card information. The supported options for payments are cash, money orders, credit cards, PayPal, coins, and wire transfers.

Customer Service

If you are new to growing or trying out something new, you might be interested in one of I49’s sample packs. 

These include three different sets of seeds, and you won’t know what you are getting until you receive them in the post. 

Visit their website here.

9. British Columbia Seeds Seed Bank 

British Columbia Seeds officially started in the 1990s, but the organization’s history begins route before then. They are before outstanding amongst other seed banks in Canada

Several expert breeders work continuously to strengthen the strains and always give their best for the harvest of their cannabis varieties. 

The genetics of every marijuana plant is taken into consideration strictly to achieve sound and pure hybrids, which is the reason British Columbia Seeds is at the front to offer you quality and purity in its cannabis seeds.


British Columbia Seeds boasts that it has some of the highest-THC cannabis plants on the planet. 

Some of B.C. Seeds’ best-realized strains include Forever Buds, Oracle Bud,  Sky Heaven Bud, Multiverse God Bud, Walking Dead Bud, Space Buzz Continuum, and Euphoria Unlimited Bud. 

Besides, BC Seeds created Elephant Bud, a highly-respected strain. Their  Elephant Bud received a “World’s Strongest Strain” grant in 2008. 

BC Seeds offers more than 300 varieties of strains of cannabis. You can use their site search device to filter what seeds you need by type.

For instance, you can search for qualities like high-altitude, low-light, and medical marijuana. Also, BC seeds offer coca plant seeds, poppy seeds, and salvia Divinorum seeds on their website. 


Stealthy delivery options are available with British Columbia Seeds Seed Bank. BC Seeds ships worldwide.

Payment Methods

They accept almost any type of payment, including Crypto, but the prices are quite high. 

Customer Care

BC Seeds undeniably provide high-quality seeds, but it has a couple of downsides. While the seed quality and strain selection are fabulous, iffy customer service is disappointing. 

To know more about British Columbia Seeds, click here.

10. Toronto Seed Bank 

This marijuana seed bank is situated in Toronto and is truly outstanding at supplying cannabis seeds. They right now have an online purchase system, where you can find authentic cannabis seeds harvested in Canada. 

Offering stealth shipping and a huge variety of seeds to choose from, Toronto Cannabis Seeds is another top seed bank based in Canada.

They have a variety of famous classic strains as well as more up to date strains, and you can also get yourself a seed mix pack if you aren’t sure which strain to go for. 


Among the wide variety of cannabis that you can find, there are auto-flowering, feminized, medical, regular, or CBD, among others. 

Try not to think twice and attempt any of the seeds of Toronto Cannabis Seeds. You will not get disappointed!

With more than 150 different cannabis strains to choose from, Toronto Cannabis Seeds have something for everybody. You’ll see well-known strains such as AK-39, Sour Diesel, Purple Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Quebec Durban in their product range.

In addition to their own products, they just sell from trusted brands such as Digital Genetics, Next Generation Seed, and Jordan of the Islands. 

All the seeds sold are home-grown in Canada and come in all types, including feminized, regular, high CBD, medical, and auto-flowering. There is something for everybody at a reasonable cost. 


Toronto Cannabis Seeds ships worldwide with discreet packaging and guaranteed delivery. You’ll get free cannabis seeds with each online request.

There is no information about shipping costs anyplace on the website, so you’ll need to start placing an order to find out the options to your country/address.

Payment Methods

The great thing about their website is that they acknowledge multiple payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, cash, and international money orders. 

Customer Service

The information with each strain is useful, covering all the basics such as flowering time, yield, effect, and where to grow. THC and CBD percentages are given for most strains. Their customer care is also quick and responsive.

Visit their website here.

Cannabis Law in Canada

Marijuana was banned in Canada in 1923, and it took almost 80 years to became legal to utilize it for medicinal purposes. Canada finally legalized medicinal cannabis in 2001.

Public sentiment helped develop the next step of marijuana law in Canada. In late November 2017, the Cannabis Act, Bill C-45, was passed by the House of Commons.

In March 2018, it reached the second reading in the Senate, and on June 18, 2018, the House passed the bill.

October 17, 2018, was a memorable day for marijuana in Canada as it became federally legalized around the nation. On that day, long queues appeared outside of the country’s first marijuana dispensaries. Read about Canada’s marijuana legalization.

Seed Banks in Canada

A seed bank, as the name suggests, is used to store seeds to preserve their genetic diversity.

In another way, seed banks can be considered as a type of gene banks as they are intended to preserve genes. This gives you a brief guide about seed banks and how they work.

If we’re talking about the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, Canada is at the forefront, and that’s why their Canadian seed banks are among the most renowned worldwide.

Qualities of a Best Seed Bank

When looking for the right seed bank, there are several critical measures that you should look out for.

  • Offers worldwide shipping ( including USA & Canada )
  • Stealthy, discreet shipping
  • Reliable shipping – most packages arrive on time.
  • Strong Reputation in the Market
  • Generous refund policy for lost, damaged, or bad quality seeds
  • Sale section with discounts
  • Wide range of buying promotions
  • Loyalty/reward programs
  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • Responsive customer service
  • Useful information provided about each seed
  • Multiple payment methods accepted
  • Easy to use website

If you’re looking for reliable and the best Canadian seed banks, you should know which are the most recommended ones, either for their quality, germination guarantee, or for their genetics, so that this way, you can make a safe and secure cannabis seed purchase.

In the banks that we present below, you’ll be able to discover the best Canadian seeds and the most famous in the market.

Final Verdicts

Buying cannabis seeds can be expensive, so you need to make sure you are buying them from a vendor that isn’t going to rip you off and will provide a quality item. 

 If you are searching for a reliable seed supplier, our top ten list of Canadian seed banks is the right place to begin. You will find a great variety of seeds on their sites, whether you need your cannabis to soothe medical ailments or to unwind. 

You will find plenty of seeds on their websites. They also have lots of information on the most skillful method to grow the seeds best if you are starting. Happy growing!

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