Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds to Buy in Canada

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Are you in search of fast flowering strains of cannabis? Here, in this article, we have listed our Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for you! Read on to know more!

For a long period of time, autoflowering strains have been criticized for providing lower THC levels than photoperiod variations. But with the new range of autoflowers, that’s all improved.

New cannabis breeders are spoiled for options. There are more strains on the store than ever before, and many producers have taken a liking to the latest and improved range of autoflowers.

Autoflowering genetics has a lot to offer. There are species high in CBD, high in THC, and those with a delicate balance of both. That’s not to mention the incredible variety in terpene profiles.

Below, we have prepared Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, but first, let’s understand what autoflowering cannabis seeds and its characteristics are.

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are known with several names: autoflowering, automatic, auto, etc.

In either case, the primary thing is that it is a marijuana type whose genetics, known as Ruderalis, comes from regions with extreme climate conditions such as the South of Siberia, the North of Kazakhstan or Russia.

What makes autoflowering cannabis distinct from other types? Well, the essential contrast resides in the name. Put simply, we can say that these strains bloom automatically.

There are two main stages of the developing cannabis period: the vegetative stage and the flowering phase.

Another type of marijuana—known as photoperiod cannabis—requires a change in the light cycle to trigger the flowering phase.

Autoflowering strains do away with this trouble. They don’t rely on external tip-offs to start creating resinous buds. Instead, they flower after a specific amount of time has passed.

The central feature of this genetics is its remarkably fast flowering rate. The flowering does not depend upon the photoperiod, that is, on the day/night light shifts of the season; it happens naturally regardless of where the plant is raised.

Autoflowering seeds offer plants that flower once they reach maturity and are not influenced by external circumstances.

This tends to correspond with the development of the seventh node, after a growing phase of about 3-5 weeks.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are real survivors. They grow fast and are very easy to cultivate without demanding for extraordinary things. This is why they are the best option for amateurs.

So, let’s take a look at our Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds which you can buy in Canada!

White Widow Autoflower

White Widow Autoflower

White Widow Autoflower is one of the most successful cannabis strains in the world. It has been a traditional strain in Holland for the past few years.

This Autoflowering strain is the outcome of crossbreeding parent strains Critical+ Auto and White Widow. White Widow is popular not because it is very potent, but because it is just potent enough.

White Widow Autoflowering allows users a rich experience. When puffing a joint loaded with this strain, users can anticipate experiencing pleasant tastes of sweetness combined with diverging bitterness.

These exotic tastes are followed by a pleasing fragrance that can be described as earthy.

If there were only two words to explain the effects of White Widow, it would be recreation and pleasure.

It’s a tender relaxation, unlike several Indica strains. You aren’t likely to feel couchlock, making it proper for daytime usage.

Many users report the experience as a gentle bliss of uplifting strength, suitable for a social high. The impacts are mostly head-based, with light physical effects.

As a well-known strain, White Widow has been around for a long time now and continues to attract, intrigue, and daze marijuana lovers through its unique class of high.

From its distinct smell to its lasting flavor and aftertaste, White Widow is an undisputed champion.

TypeIndica – 60%
Sativa – 30%
Ruderalis – 10%
THC21.10 %
CBD0.70 %
Flowering Time8 Weeks
Harvest150g to 350g
ClimateIndoors and cool or sunny climate

Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Light Autoflower

Northern Lights Autoflowering seeds bring us all these popular Northern Lights features, but thanks to Ruderalis genetics now in an even easier-to-grow automatic variation.

This Indica cultivar originated from Afghan genetics and was initially bred in the US in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, the plant created its way to Holland. Northern Light Automatic introduces the best features of this iconic strain in a convenient, autoflowering kit.

It’s a conveniently concise strain, making it perfect for discreet cultivation. The earthy, dank odor is pure Indica in character, as are the tasty herbal notes on using.

As an autoflowering family, it’s super-easy to cultivate, even in colder environments.

For an autoflower, Northern Lights Autoflowering can touch an impressive height of 120cm, and she can do it very quickly in only nine weeks from seed to reap.

Additionally, Northern Lights Autoflowering makes an outstanding smoke for chilling and relaxing, but she has a nice uplifting feel to her as well. 

Because of her strength, she also has good medicinal potential. She is often loved by medicinal users that want a reliable herb to heal the symptoms of various states like arthritis, chronic pains, migraines, stress, and more.

TypeIndica – 80%
Sativa – 00%
Ruderalis – 20%
THCUp to 18 %
CBD<1 %
Flowering Time9 Weeks
Harvest200g to 550g

AK 47 Autoflower 

Ak - 47

The Ak-47 Autoflower cannabis strain is known and enjoyed around the globe. It has a wide range of awards that indicate its popularity and quality.

Since this strain was made from three potent landraces: Columbian, Mexican, and Thai strain, AK-47 Autoflower is a well balanced, potent Indica strain with powerful results.

The AK-47 Autoflowering cannabis strain favors growing in a nicely-ventilated space, where it isn’t too wet.

Temperatures should be moderately cold, but much light or sun is required and plenty of fresh air.

These specifics are needed because the AK-47 Autoflowering cannabis plant can be sensitive to bud rot and mold.

The AK-47 Autoflower strain of marijuana is all about exploring chilled out and happy feelings, and it is famous for this feature.

It will help you stay calm, satisfied, and pain-free, something that medicinal and recreational users are looking for.

However, if you are searching for a productive afternoon at work, then this strain should be your optimal option.

Since its release about 20 years ago, this strain has proved to be the go-to weed for amusement and medical purposes.

You’ll prefer to use AK-47 Autoflowering strain over and over again once you try it out!

TypeIndica – 35%
Sativa – 65%
THCup to 20%
CBD<1 %
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Harvest120g to 150g
ClimateIndoor and cool

Jack Herer

Jack Herer Auto

There are many cannabis strains out there in the market these days. In the last few years, autoflowers have become very common amongst new breeders, and seed breeders have crossbred the original Jack Herer with Ruderalis genetics producing auto Jack Herer.

This plant is a middle-range producer with average yield and typical growth, but that is a good point as this is not one of those bonsai plants and not a super auto that will become huge.

Since Jack Herer is Sativa dominant strain, the buds will be more widely spaced, which implies that the harvest will be more comfortable.

Also, you will have more opportunities to cut down those fan leaves and manicure those dense buds, as well as there will be a lower chance of molds in those bud sites.

Jack Herer Automatic plant will start to create fragrance almost as soon as the first pre-flowers will appear. You will definitely require a carbon filter or other filtering devices to mask that rogue and herbal aroma.

The vapor will be a mixture of both that body high as well as a head high. After consumption, you will first feel a tremendous uplifting feeling and a high wave of energy.

But soon after 20 to 30 minutes, you will begin to feel that body high that will force you to sit down and enjoy life.

The flavor of the smoke is very similar to the original non-automatic Jack Herer strain, and it has a herbal and sour taste. Due to that, a little lower THC content autoflower Jack Herer will be more tender and better for first-time growers.

TypeIndica – 30%
Sativa – 50%
Ruderalis – 20%
Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
Harvest120g to 300g
ClimateIndoor and cool or sunny

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Auto

A darling among Sativa experts, Sour Diesel, is now accessible in the autoflowering version.

Sour Diesel was produced during the 1990s in bright California. Other than that, not much is acknowledged.

But, it’s this secret that adds to the strain’s charm on the recreational cannabis market. It is widely recognized as one of the best crossbreeds available, thanks to its genetics.

Also called “Sour D,” this strain is world-famous due to its potent smell, suggestive of diesel fuel.

THC levels are high nearby 16%, with the buds becoming extremely sticky and giving off the classic diesel fuel smell during flowering.

This cannabis strain is easy to cultivate, as long as you take care of the plants to ensure that they don’t fall prey to dusty mildew.

They grow best in sunny environments, and because it’s an autoflower strain, the flowering period is very short.

When puffing it, assume to be met with an uplifting and strong head high. It is an excellent choice for improving creativity and fighting chronic pain.

The smoke is outstanding, offering a tangy lemon and slightly herbal flavor. The stone that follows is typically Sativa fashion strong heady cerebral hit.

It is a definite must-try for the Sour Diesel lovers out there. Thick light green buds with orange threads and a powerful diesel aroma will take your heart away!

TypeIndica – 40%
Sativa – 60%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Harvest300g to 400g
ClimateIndoor or outdoor

Blueberry Autoflower

Blueberry Autoflower

Blueberry Autoflower was created by crossbreeding blueberry genetics with marijuana Ruderalis.

This hybrid enabled a tremendous and much-appreciated strain to retreat autoflowering features, which drives to smaller plants that are easier to maintain and effortless to grow.

Blueberry Autoflowering is an excellent strain option for those looking for a profound stoned and body high feeling.

Even though this might not be the best option to burn before setting out to work for the day or before exercise, the strain is excellent before going to bed, to rest at the beach with and for specific medical conditions.

If you love blueberries, you are going to love the aroma and taste of this strain!

The smell is quick, intense, and sticky. Right away from first light, you pluck up notes of sweet-berries left out in the sun. It’s a fresh scent with light piney buzzes that linger long after the haze is gone.

If you want a relaxing, happy high to help you free from the day and de-stress-this is for you. The Indica forward combination brings a strong wave of recreation that wipes away the day’s anxieties and restores them with fits of giggles.

TypeIndica – 80%
Sativa – 10%
Ruderalis – 10%
THCUpto 14%
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
Harvest400g to 450g
ClimateIndoor and cool

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

Girl Scout Cookie Autoflower

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular strains of marijuana, rising in demand across countries. With autoflowering genetics combined, it’s now accessible as Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering. This autoflower has been chosen based on its powerful features. 

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower is a hybrid between Girl Scout Cookies and the Ruderalis, which has emerged in an Indica dominant strain.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower is high in THC content, offers good yields, and exotic tastes. Moreover, the plant is very easy to grow. Also, for the growers without experience!

The plant often does not get taller than one meter both indoors and outdoors, making this autoflower very proper for discreet growing. 

Moreover, Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower highlights a moderately short flowering period, so you can instantly enjoy your home-grown marijuana.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto can display red and orange shades on the buds and leaves as she attains maturity. During the flowering period, buds will discharge powerful odors.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower fights off pests, mold, and bug infestations quite well. This makes it an excellent strain for newcomers to learn to grow marijuana because there’s less maintenance required.

The plant is autoflowering, which implies that your plants will blossom without you maintaining the light-dark program required.

Due to its high THC content of 20% to 22%, the impact of Girl Scout Cookies marijuana is solid and narcotic, but in an engaging style, especially if you are an expert smoker.

In this way, Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower is the best option for beginners as well as experienced weed lovers!

TypeIndica – 60%
Sativa – 20%
Ruderalis – 20%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Harvest250g to 450g
ClimateIndoor or outdoor

Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue Auto

This is an award-winning strain with Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis crossbred by Fast Buds. Gorilla Glue strains are recognized for their very sticky buds that glue-up trimming scissors.

The plant of Gorilla Glue Auto blooms well in most indoor and outdoor conditions, attaining a medium height with a dense bud formation.

The buds of this plant will be stocky and robust, with a heavy resin production that makes your fingers stick together like super glue.

The buds are dark green, with puffed pointy calyx that swells wrapped in bright orange threads. An impressive amount of trichomes that would make great cup winning extracts hands down.

This plant is the one for smokers with the highest resistance and admirers of sleepy Indica cannabis. Gorilla Glue Auto is extraordinarily potent, and her outcomes are not for the light-hearted.

Not only will she glue you to the nearest armchair, but your eyes and face will also slowly experience the intensity of her physical results.

Indeed, Gorilla Glue Auto is the most suitable for those who want to linger at home, rest out with meditation, reduce stress, aches, and pain, and urge a heavy, long uninterrupted sleep.

It is one of the easiest auto strains, to begin with for beginners and experts equally. The big, dense buds of Gorilla Glue Auto exude trichomes and produce a sweet, pungent fragrance. 

TypeIndica – 50%
Sativa – 40%
Ruderalis – 10%
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
Harvest200g to 400g
ClimateIndoor or Outdoor

Blue Dream Auto

Blue Dream Auto

Humboldt Seed Organization introduced Blue Dream Auto. It is an autoflowering variant of one of the most popular high yield strains – Blue Dream.

One of the West Coasts’ most popular blue strains is now available in the autoflowering version. Auto Blue Dream is the autoflowering variant of one of the top-selling strains Blue Dream.

Blue Dream Auto is a crossbreed between the original Californian seeds with a hand-picked Ruderalis, resulting in an effortless to grow, quick finishing, incredible tasting auto strain.

Blue Dream Auto is undoubtedly a dream to breeders who want easy-to-grow marijuana seeds.

This cannabis variety blooms instantly, despite being a Sativa-dominant mixture, and is versatile enough to thrive indoors or outdoors.

It will grow wonderfully indoors provided it is given sufficient lighting and a rich diet. Outdoors, it does well either in mild, dry, warm, and Mediterranean climates or in a greenhouse too.

With a berry-sweet fragrance, Blue Dream Auto cannabis seeds have many medical purposes. It is excellent for treating symptoms of pain, stress, and fatigue, as well as depression.

Additionally, it tastes fantastic with a sweetness and berry essence that users relate to blueberries.

No wonder then that Blue Dream is one of the most successful and best autoflower strains around!

TypeIndica – 30%
Sativa – 70%
Flowering Time8 – 10 Weeks
Harvest300g to 400g
ClimateIndoor or outdoor

Amnesia Haze Automatic

Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Amnesia Haze Automatic is a Sativa dominant strain that was developed to be the autoflowering variant of the award-winning Dutch favorite, Haze.

This strain has won itself a Cannabis Cup and Sativa Cup on its qualities as well. Its taste notes include earthy scents of citrus and lemon, which give off an uplifting, energizing buzz.

It is an extraordinary strain that you won’t soon overlook after your first try. In fact, it’s likely to become part of your usual rotation.

The users describe feelings of joy, euphoria, uplifted mood, creativity, and energy. It offers a smooth, natural smoke with no coughing and a somewhat sweet aftertaste.

It can be utilized medically to relieve extreme stress, headaches, depression, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and even loss of appetite.

Amnesia Haze can generate a tremendous psychedelic effect without long-growing time, creating dense and resinous buds in as little as nine weeks.

With these fantastic qualities, Amnesia Haze Auto will soon be amongst your favorites once you give it a try!

TypeIndica – 20%
Sativa – 50%
Ruderalis – 30%
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
Harvest350g to 450g
ClimateIndoor and cool

Closing Thoughts

After exploring these Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, we are sure that you might have found your favorite list from the above-listed strains. To read exciting blogs about cannabis and other strains, Click Here!