Autoflower v/s Feminized Cannabis Strain: Which is better?

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The most conventional seeds among newcomers and seasoned growers are feminized marijuana seeds and autoflower seeds. But are Autoflower and Feminized seeds different? Which is better? Let’s explore the answers in the following parts of this article on an overview of Autoflower v/s Feminized Cannabis Strain.

If you are thinking of entering the world of growing marijuana, there are certain things that you should know. 

Marijuana seeds are available in four main categories: regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and CBD. Each variety highlights its own unique benefits and drawbacks and appeals to various breeders, depending on their purposes.

In the following article, we’ll explore autoflower and feminize cannabis seeds, their genetics, the pros and cons of each type, the top 3 best strains in each section, and you’ll also see which one is better in Autoflower v/s Feminized cannabis strain.

Autoflower vs Feminized Cannabis Strain

Autoflower Cannabis Strain

Autoflowering strains of marijuana get their title from their capacity to flower without a shift in their light cycle. They are easy to cultivate, quick to flower, and uphold stealthy size.

What makes auto-flowering marijuana distinct from other types? Well, the main difference stays in the name. Put simply, the plants of this strain flower automatically; that’s why they are called Autoflower.

There are two principal stages of the weed growing cycle: the vegetative period and the flowering period. Another type of marijuana, also known as photoperiod cannabis, needs a change in the light cycle to trigger the flowering stage.

Autoflowering strains do away with this trouble. They don’t depend upon external signals to begin forming resinous buds. Instead, they flower after a specific amount of time has passed.

The auto-flowering feature didn’t emerge by chance. It happened as a compliance with environmental conditions. You might have heard of cannabis Indica and Sativa. But, the auto-flowering gene appeared in Cannabis Ruderalis.

The Ruderalis subspecies adjusted to the cold and often severe conditions of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. These areas highlight a considerably quicker growing season and cooler temperatures.

For this plan, Ruderalis rejected the policy of waiting for the seasons to change to begin flowering. Instead, this subspecies formed an auto-flowering gene to assure reproduction before the temperature plummets.

Thanks to this correspondence, marijuana growers now enjoy the rapid growth of auto-flowering genetics!

Autoflowering Genetics

Cannabis growers produce auto-flowering seeds using cannabis Ruderalis genetics, the subspecies that carry the auto-flowering characteristic.

Cannabis Ruderalis acclimated to the shorter growing seasons and colder altitudes of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia. The shorter summer in these territories made this subspecies to trigger flowering on its own harmony.

Ruderalis doesn’t have time to mess around. These plants have to reproduce before the short summer season comes to an end, and the cold temperatures of autumn grasp the landscape.

They evolved to bloom based on time and age, instead of a shift in light exposure.

Breeders rarely grow pure Ruderalis plants. They are shrubby, short, low in THC, and deliver low yields.

However, they are like gold for growers. They use these plants to infuse popular photoperiod strains with the auto-flowering characteristic.

If you want to boost turnover, or set up and take down your growing process in a short span of time, you will profit from auto-flowering seeds if you crave a harvest as soon as physically possible. 

They’re also suitable for a small growing area if you have limited space. You can still produce a good crop in a small tent by raising many plants and using the sea of green (SOG) method.

Autoflowering cannabis strains are well-suited for discreet breeders. You can grow these little plants in modified containers and cartons, and even hide them among companion plants outdoors in your garden.

Pros of Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

• Bloom automatically • Produce female plants and offer cannabis • The cycle from seed to harvest is quick, allowing breeders to harvest 2 to 4 times a year • The plant grows to medium height and requires less maintenance • Resistant to temperature fluctuations, bugs, and fungi than Feminized plants

Cons of Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

• Lower yield • Typically less THC; not as strong as other photoperiod strains • Tough to clone

Top 3 Autoflowering strains

Autoflower breeders have plenty of options these days. Here are the top 3 auto-flowering marijuana strains:

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Feminized Cannabis Strain

Feminized cannabis plants evolved from feminized seeds that are generated by causing gender transition in a female plant. This gender switch is induced by setting the plants into force that makes it release ethylene.

This ethylene release is then contained, which triggers the female plant to produce a pollen sac carrying pollen that has 100 percent female features that will end in 100 percent female seeds that will blossom into female plants. 

Most cannabis breeders crave for a strain that provides buds, which they can smoke, that are existing only in the female plants.

The feminine cannabis plant offers considerably more working essences such as THC and CBD compared to the male cannabis plant. 

Feminized seeds were designed to maximize the possibilities of germinating female plants. To be specific, the odds of a female emerging are around 99.9%. The chances are in your favor if you’re trying flowers over pollen sacs!

Feminized seeds are usually a little bit more costly than regular seeds. However, the advantage is that the plants will all be female, so there’s no need to bother about male plants.

Those who are restricted to a certain amount of plants or who only want to develop a few plants at a time would like to buy feminized seeds so they can maximize the profits from each harvest.

Feminized Genetics

Feminized genetics are formed by essentially blending one female with another. Marijuana growers use two methods to force female plants to generate pollen. They later fertilize another female, whose flowers provide a generation of feminized seeds.

We know you might be thinking about how on Earth a female plant can be mingled with the other?! Well, there are two distinct approaches to do this.

By preventing the creation of ethylene levels in plant tissues, farmers can make female plants produce pollen sacs. Many chemical agents can be used to catalyze this method. Colloidal silver is one of the safest options.

The second approach involves relying on nature’s genuine wish to procreate. If female marijuana plants are kept unfertilized, they sometimes take things into their own hands.

Hardly, they will interchange sexes in an trying to fertilize themselves. They produce strangely shaped pollen-producing structures known descriptively as “bananas.”

Growers assemble this “female pollen” and utilize it to fertilize female flowers to compose feminized seeds.

If you need nothing but resinous flowers from your cultivation, then feminized seeds are for you.

Growing Feminized seeds will save a significant amount of your time, not having to sort males out of your growing area. You can rest effortlessly knowing that your grow tent or garden will stay pollen-free.

Pros of Feminized Cannabis Strain

• Provide female plants and generate smokable buds • Produce weed buds with a higher THC and CBD value compared to autoflowering seeds • Nearly 100% hermaphroditic free • Produce higher yields • Develop fewer leaves compared to autoflower • Easier to prune

Cons of Feminized Cannabis Strain

• Aren’t fit for breeding objectives • Produce less viable clones; growers need to start from seed in most cases • Can sometimes turn into hermaphrodites due to bad genetics or environmental stress

Top 3 Feminized Strains

Do feminized strains tickle your desire? If yes, check out these three high-quality Feminized cannabis strains below:

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Autoflower V/S Feminized Cannabis Strain

TraitsAutoflower seedsFeminized seeds
CultivationVery easyEasy to medium
Growing SpaceSmall to mediumMedium to big
Start flowering2 – 4 weeks after plantingWhen gets 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness
Average time from planting to harvest8 – 12 weeks12 – 20 weeks
Plant HeightSmall to mediumMedium to tall
YieldLow to mediumMedium to high

In general, if you prefer multiple crops a year, autoflowering strains are a sure shot. Minuter plants and quicker flowering terms will end in modest but substantial harvests.

Feminized strains grow over a longer period of time and can achieve a majestic size at harvest time.

They are more sensitive in terms of flowering and can only be collected once a year, even though the crop will be ample, potent, and with less leafy debris among your buds.

Pruning will not improve your autoflowering plants as they’re only in their vegetative state for a short time, restricting the development of new branches.

Compared to autoflower plants, your feminized plants will profit immensely from well-executed pruning and develop into impressive examples.

An additional benefit of feminized strains is that they can be cloned. A clone of a plant, primarily a cutting you can replant, will hold not only the genetic structure of the mother plant but also its age.

For the autoflowering strains, this indicates a clone will begin flowering when it’s just a small little plant, following in a little harvest.

A feminized clone will still have lots of time to go through its vegetative state, enabling it to develop into a sizable plant by the time you’ll want to collect its buds.

Each new autoflowering plant will need a new seed, while a single seed of a feminized plant will allow you to grow a big garden full of cannabis.

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Autoflowering V/S Feminized: Outdoor Growing

Autoflowering strains give the clear benefit that you do not have to worry about the quantity of light your plants display. They will grow according to their genetic formation, free from light cycles.

The average size of autoflowering plants is ideal for circumstances where you’ll want your weed to mingle in with the rest of your garden. 

Autoflowering plants can be exposed to pests for only a brief amount of time before collection.

Planting feminized seeds is generally takes place around March/April and harvesting around September/October.

The feminized plant will continue to thrive in the vegetative stage as long as it is given the right amount of sunlight, ideal for producers who want their cannabis plants to figure prominently in the garden.

Autoflowering V/S Feminized: Indoor Growing

Autoflowering strains will do just nice when following a usual 16 hours of light/8 hours darkness regime during their vegetative and flowering periods.

Their comparatively small size makes them excellent competitors for indoor growing when restricted space is a problem.

Keeping plants from feminized seeds in their vegetative phase will need about 18h of light and 6 hours of darkness. As soon as you adjust the light cycle to a 12h light/12h darkness regime, the plant will begin flowering, and there will be no turning back.

Prune your plant, so it reaches its full potential needs some ability, and the plant will ultimately take up a significant amount of space.

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Final Verdict

As you have read, both feminized seeds and autoflower seeds have their own benefits and drawbacks. Seasoned and experienced breeders prefer feminized seeds more often due to their higher yield and quality.

Furthermore, marijuana plants from feminized seeds are more manageable in growing. You can use growing techniques such as scrogging (Screen of Green) and topping. These methods guarantee a higher yield.

New cannabis growers choose autoflower seeds because they are more comfortable, and the seeds are less sensitive to external circumstances such as molds and temperature fluctuations.

After all, the plants evolve by themselves, so you rarely have to bother. Moreover, you can collect quicker and more often with autoflower plants.

In a nutshell, in the battle of Autoflower v/s Feminized cannabis strain, it’s a tie because each grower has a different purpose of growing marijuana, and both of these strains are unique on their own ways. We hope this article will help you next time you grow your marijuana.

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